White paper

OTT content generation for live programming

Introducing the easiest, fastest way to streamline your OTT content workflow for live programming

Enables broadcasters to convert traditional linear programmings into an OTT service

Streamlines content-repurposing workflow for live programming

Enables economical content for delivery to social and digital platforms 

Integrates with content management systems and online video platforms that support VOD/OTT services


Today’s highly competitive marketplace requires broadcasters to efficiently generate over-the-top (OTT) video programming for consumer OTT services, online syndication and social media. Broadcasters need a way to get to OTT easier, quicker and more economically. 

With Verizon Digital Media Service’s end-to-end digital media platform, now featuring our Deliver application, broadcasters finally have a flexible OTT solution, featuring our Uplynk Video Streaming service’s renowned simplified workflow to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs. 

In our white paper, “OTT content generation for live programming”, you’ll learn how our Volicon Media Intelligence service's Deliver application provides an easy, faster way to OTT with industry-leading compliance, monitoring and OTT delivery in a single footprint, which: