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The high cost of low-quality video experiences

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Your viewers expect TV-like experiences on all their devices. But delivering quality anytime, anywhere can be really challenging. If you’ve settled for delivering poor-quality experiences, you’re at risk of lowering your viewers’ trust and losing their engagement.

In fact, over-the-top (OTT) video services delivering average, poor-quality experiences are losing as much as 25% of their revenue. One-third of mobile device viewers abandon their viewing session at least every other time due to poor-quality experiences.

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16% of viewers surveyed by Verizon watch 20 hours a week of online premium video. It is a daily part of their life.

Ben Miller

VP Digital Products, Sinclair Media

Sinclair studies show a 100% growth in digital video with viewers watching twice as much online video as they used to, especially on mobile. A 300% overall increase year-over-year in total video viewership has opened new digital opportunities and new ways to target audiences.

Quality viewing experiences are necessary to retain viewer loyalty and engagement. Quality experience factors may include: fast start-up times, load times under 2 seconds, buffering rates under 5 seconds and much more.

Learn more about why you need to be delivering quality experiences to drive higher viewer engagement.

Joseph Hopkins

VP Media and Entertainment Sales, Verizon Digital Media Services 

Colin Dixon

Founder of nScreenMedia

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