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Strategies for the future of streaming.

Join us for a deep dive into three OTT trends that are reshaping the industry. We’ll discuss how you can keep pace and leverage innovative technology to deliver what audiences want next. Colin Dixon, Chief Analyst and Founder, nScreenMedia, and Darren Lepke, Head of Video Product, Verizon Media, provide marketplace context, valuable insights, and essential details on: 

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Reimagining at-home engagement for live sports fans through synched viewing, multi-camera angle solutions and real-time streaming technologies. Get updates on our Multi-Viewer capability that enables group viewing from a distance. 

Delivering hyper-personalized ads and maximizing ad value. Learn how the data we provide enables content owners to validate vendor performance and optimize monetization opportunities.

Awarded the best live OTT technology or service.

Content curation and aggregation and why your content must be available where audiences are. Learn how we make it easy for you to create new channels and publish streams across multiple platforms to reach new audiences, consolidate workflows and create new revenue streams.


Colin Dixon

Darren Lepke

Chief Analyst and Founder


Head of Video Product Management

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