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How to successfully stream live
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How to best monetize live viewers, whether through subscription or ads


The OTT industry is abuzz about the potential of live video. But implementing a live video stream without glitches and delays can be easier said than done.

In this free, one-hour long webinar, you will learn broadcasting secrets to successfully stream live events at scale, including:

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Ways to troubleshoot
on-the-fly during a live broadcast

Scott Goldman

Lead Principal Product Manager

Verizon Digital Media Services

Jason Friedlander

How Verizon’s Live Streaming Solution makes it easier to stream flawless live experiences, anytime, anywhere with all the tools you’ll need to attract more viewers in real time, including a single live-stream URL, simple live event ingestion, 24 x 7 x 365 support, live clipping and much more – all from one partner 

Director, Solutions Engineering
Media & Entertainment

Verizon Digital Media Services


How to deliver exceptional, personalized experiences to retain healthy viewer engagement