How to Prepare for the Worst Web Attacks

Security webinar

VP, Corporate Development

at Distil Networks

Product Management, Security

Verizon Digital Media Services

Director, Marketing

Verizon Digital Media Services

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Richard Yew

Watch our webinar, How to Prepare for the Worst Web Attacks, to hear Verizon Digital Media Services’ cloud-based solution experts and Distil Networks, a leading bot-detection and mitigation provider discuss how to adapt your web security strategy to today’s evolving cyber threatscape.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Types of attacks in 2017 and the scale you need to defend against them
  • The true costs of web threats to your organization
  • Effectively deploying Web Application Firewall and other web security measures so that you have the agility to respond to threats and implement security updates quickly
  • Preventing price scraping, locked inventory, brute-force gift card fraud and other malicious bot behavior

If you’re not constantly re-evaluating your web security, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable.

Dominick Fucillo

Jason Friedlander - Moderator