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Deliver personalized ad experiences

Watch the webinar on demand.

Learn about Verizon Digital Media Services’ unique server-side ad insertion (SSAI) approach and how it enables the monetization of online video and provides individual, personalized session management. Our solution delivers a single, unified stream to viewers for a true TV-like experience.

Understand our unique, simplified approach and how it provides targeted, individualized user sessions enabled by transferring information from the client device to the ad server for a highly targeted message

Learn more about ad servers and how moving the ad-insertion process from the client to the server reduces latency in terms of load times and gives better opportunity to monetize content while combating ad blockers

Get a deeper understanding of Verizon’s SSAI multi-step process, plus details around monetization, including tracking of impressions and completions that ensure publishers get credit for the ad play

Below is just a sample of what you will learn during this 45-minute webinar complete with Q&A: