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Content Intelligence and the Business of Streaming Video

VOD webinar


There are now 150+ subscription video on-demand services in the United States, with new announcements made every week. But launching a service and making money with it are two quite different things. Therefore, online video providers are now turning their attention to increasing revenues, reducing costs and improving experiences by boosting their video business intelligence.

Watch our webinar, Content Intelligence and the Business of Streaming Video, to:

  • Examine three areas that are ripe for optimization: personalization, the video workflow and the application of user data
  • Discuss the benefits of applying intelligence to improve the performance of your video business
  • Learn how to apply intelligence to user data and how to get the data you need

The market for online video services is expanding quickly. 

Colin Dixon

Founder and Chief Analyst of nScreen Media 

Jason Friedlander

Director, Marketing Communications at 
Verizon Digital Media Services

Tad Ro

Director, Product Management at Verizon Digital Media Services