Changing the way the world watches.

Verizon Digital Media Services offers the only end-to-end platform to transform the media business and lead it into the next generation — the mobile generation. Our platform will change the way the world watches. This is the future of media.

The revolution of this industry is everywhere. It is all around us. The opportunity is massive. More ways to use content, more engaged viewers, more places to sell ads — the possibilities are compelling. But making these possibilities a reality means facing unpredictable costs, complexity and new business models. We solve those problems with a simple end-to-end platform to prepare, delivery and display content on any screen, anywhere.

Delivering on the promise of the digital world.

Reaching the Mobile Generation

“Our differentiation and what we are doing in the marketplace is very simple, one provider for one experience for all consumers around the world in a simplified manner” – Bob Toohey

An Industry Revolution

We put the simplicity of one platform in the hands of the largest media companies so they can reach consumers and monetize premium content in a world where mobility is the key.

The only end-to-end platform to revolutionize the media industry.

Education on the Video Lifecycle Solution

Our end-to-end platform simplifies an entire industry ecosystem providing unique delivery technology and content processing tools in a single solution. We unlock revenue for our customers by reducing their time to market and giving them advanced ad technology to monetize their content. Learn more about how this platform works for customers like Disney, Viacom, NBC and Sinclair Broadcasting.

A Content Delivery Network to Ensure Superior Viewer Experiences

Today, 80% of Internet traffic is video. It’s only getting bigger. We need each and every element of our platform to prepare, deliver and display content on every screen. Combined, our platform delivers great viewer experiences. Learn more about how a content delivery network works and why it is the critical foundation for delivering superior viewer experiences.

The media revolution will be televised.