Secure Your Website with Verizon’s Cloud-Based

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Monitor, detect and prevent malicious attacks against your

web applications with Verizon’s intuitive, adaptable WAF.

Verizon Digital Media Services’ WAF provides an additional protection layer to keep your website and web applications ultra secure against unknown cyber attacks. Built on Verizon’s powerful network, our WAF is designed to provide a high degree of scalability and performance so that it never stops protecting your website, even as your business grows.

Proven & Trusted by Our Customers

See how our customers like Novica utilize Verizon’s WAF to secure their booming commerce business.

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How does our WAF stack up?

Enterprise-Grade Scalability

  • Deployed in the Verizon cloud in all of our 75+ points of presence (PoPs) and spread across five continents
  • Embedded in our massive distributed infrastructure and content delivery network software stack

Performance at the Edge

  • Experience real-time and always-on protection without loss of functionality or performance
  • Pushes out WAF configuration/rule changes globally in approximately 2-5 minutes — 900 percent faster than the competition
  • Close any window of vulnerability to new attacks quickly and easily with less risk of exposure

Comprehensive Implementation of ModSecurity

  • Most widely deployed WAF technology worldwide
  • Utilizes two complete rule sets: OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) and an application-specific rule set from Trustwave
  • Easily identifies and protects against a wide range of application layer attacks

Easy-to-Use, Self-Service Portal

  • Decide what types of traffic you want directed and what rules to apply with our completely customizable and expansive security dashboard and self-provisioning features
  • Enjoy more customer control than any other cloud-based WAF
  • No need to hire professional services — completely optional