Get Better Web Performance

with Verizon’s CDN and Cedexis

The Open Path Program

Verizon Digital Media Services and Cedexis have partnered to bring you superior web performance with our Open Path Program. We know you’re stuck in an existing contract, so we wanted to help you explore different CDN options — without the need to migrate. By leveraging our partnership, you can finally experience a better CDN and see how much faster your content performs and scales. All you have to do is sign up

Experience faster web performance today on Verizon’s CDN, plus all of the following:

  • True Global Scalability
  • More agile control of your website’s performance and security
  • No operational risk since there’s no need to migrate or break your existing contract
  • Enjoy lower total costs for your overall CDN spend

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Meet Verizon Digital Media Services

Verizon has the industry’s first and only end-to-end, cloud-based digital media solution. From ingest to lightning-fast content delivery to server-side advertising and display, Verizon powers content into instantly gratifying experiences on every screen.

Our Partner: Cedexis

Cedexis is dedicated to building a faster, global web. Using real-time, data-driven traffic management, Cedexis optimizes web performance to ensure 100 percent availability and extend reach to new global markets.