Verizon + Aol.

Building a digital future together.

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“AOL’s mobile and video advertising technology was the primary draw for Verizon, as it looks to capitalize on two of the biggest trends in the media and advertising industry: 1) The shift of media viewing time from traditional media to mobile devices 2) The move from manual digital ad purchases to programmatic buying.”

Forbes: With AOL In The Bag, What’s Next For Verizon?

“AOL offers the company a chance to cash in on the growing (and lucrative) digital content market.”

Fortune: The real reason Verizon bought AOL

“We intend to become the number one global media technology company for creators and advertisers and consumers on a scaled, mobile-first platform,” Verizon executive vice president and president of product innovation Marni Walden.”

USA Today: Verizon completes AOL acquisition, readies mobile video service

“AOL deal helps Verizon Communications expand in mobile video and advertising as more hours are spent watching video, reading and shopping on phones and tablets”

ABC News: As It Closes AOL Deal, Verizon Teases New Video Service

“AOL has at least 10 ad-centric lines of business that Verizon will now be merging into its advertising line of business”

Forbes: You’ve Got Ads! Verizon Buys Aol In Digital Advertising Play

“With AOL, Verizon can make billions of dollars by selling ads against streaming video.”

The New York Times: Verizon Completes AOL Takeover

“Verizon accesses AOL’s digital ad technology as well as content brands like The Huffington Post as well as technology blogs Engadget and TechCrunch”

TIME: Verizon Now Officially Owns AOL

“There’s what we call the 40-40 opportunity, which is $40 billion going to mobile and $40 billion going to video”

CNBC: Verizon Closes AOL Acquisition

“Well, that was fast: Verizon has just announced that it has completed its acquisition of AOL, owner of TechCrunch, purchasing all outstanding shares for $50 per share in cash for a total price of $4.4 billion.”

TechCrunch: Verizon Completes Its Acquisition of AOL For $4.4B

“Verizon said that buying AOL would mark a significant step in building digital and video platforms to drive future growth”

The Verge: AOL is now officially part of Verizon

“The acquisition of AOL gives Verizon access to AOL’s digital ad technology and content brands”

Fortune Magazine: Verizon now officially owns AOL

“AOL deal will allow Verizon to take control of a set of online advertising tools”

CNET: Verizon completes its $4.4 billion purchase of AOL

“Verizon announces acquisition of AOL and the release of a new video product to be launched later this year”

ADWEEK: It’s a Done Deal: AOL Is Now Part of Verizon Hints at launch of new video product this summer

“AOL and Verizon’s combined assets create an ability for us to blaze a new trail in a newly mobile and connected world.”

Huffington Post: Verizon Now Officially Owns AOL After Closing $4.4 Billion Deal

“AOL fits squarely into Verizon’s vision of turning the world onto mobile and investing in media.”

ClickZ: Verizon, AOL Finalize Deal to Launch Ad Supported Mobile Video

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