06 : Personalized video experiences | Streaming from NAB

Join our host live from the Las Vegas show floor as he gets up close and personal with NAB attendees to discuss their streaming video personalization challenges and how Smartplay can make their lives easier.


Welcome to The Smarts | Watch here

Picky viewers. Demanding advertisers. Never-ending device types. See how Smartplay makes life easier for businessman Bob and techy Ted and turns their CEO into a happy camper.

Smarter delivery | Watch here

Poor Ted. Always putting out fires. Why? Poor-quality streaming from his current platform is not making a fan out of our viewer, Jill. He needs smarter delivery, STAT.

Smarter advertising | Watch here

Jill, our viewer, is super frustrated from seeing irrelevant ads. See how Bob smooths things over with smarter advertising, powered by Smartplay.

Smarter insights | Watch here

Without knowing what viewers like, attracting new subscribers can feel like going on a blind date for Bob and Ted. See how they use smarter insights to make better business decisions.

Smarter platform | Watch here

We take a look behind the scenes at what makes our platform so smart, including all the nuts and bolts of everything powering Smartplay, our 1 to 1 session management technology.

Streaming from NAB | Live Now

Join our host live from the Las Vegas show floor as he gets up close and personal with NAB attendees to discuss their streaming video personalization challenges and how Smartplay can make their lives easier.

Tech talks

Battle tested and real | Live

Real-life genius brings us real-life stories of how leading broadcasters have battle tested Smartplay for the past five years.

Delivery breakdown | Live

Our platform enables smarter delivery thanks to an integrated CDN that collects real-time session info, enabling  us to fine-tune our network to handle broadcast, TV-like viewership at scale.

Smarter monetization | Live

Expand your monetization strategy and start getting the most value out of all your content, whether an ad, promo, trailer or more with Smartplay’s dynamic, server-side ad insertion technology.

Insights breakdown | Live

You need valuable viewer data to create deeper engagement. Only a smarter platform can centralize data from ingest to playout, providing  smarter insights that lead to actionable information.

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Trailer: Introducing The Smarts

Join our host as he explains how Acme TV Online drives better viewer engagement and business results with smarter delivery, smarter advertising and smarter insights.

Welcome to The Smarts

Don’t forget to watch The Smarts, premiering February 14. See how Smartplay helps our friends run a smarter streaming video business.

Smartplay in the spotlight

Jason Friedlander of Verizon Digital Media Services shares how Smartplay gives broadcasters a chance to develop 1-to-1 relationships with their viewers.

Smarter delivery

Watch Episode 2 to see how Smartplay enables exciting delivery capabilities that power high-quality experiences on every device for every viewer. Be sure to share with your network.

Smarter advertising

Watch Episode 3 to learn about a smarter way to monetize content thanks to our server-side ad insertion technology that targets dynamic ads to each viewer’s interests. Don’t forget to share!

Smarter insights

Find out how smarter insights with Smartplay help you make great business decisions to keep your OTT service top of mind for viewers – not out of sight! Spread the word!

Meet The Smarts at NAB

NAB guests were invited to get a real-life demo of Verizon Digital Media Services’ smarter platform and see our host in person.


“Based on the first five-minute episode, Verizon has given its Smartplay service a fun leg up: the episode is funny, light-hearted, well-produced and still gets its message across.”

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Smartplay by Verizon

Smartplay, Verizon Digital Media Services’ 1 to 1 session management technology, offers two-way communication between you and your viewers. It enables you to personalize content and advertising for every viewer, while ensuring the highest quality of experience.

Integrated into our end-to-end platform, Smartplay provides you with smarter delivery, smarter advertising, smarter insights, smarter protection, smarter programming and smarter discovery – everything you need to deliver smarter experiences for every viewer on every screen, everywhere, every time.

Ready to get smarter?

About The Smarts: A show about Smartplay by Verizon

Introducing The Smarts, a show about Smartplay by Verizon, our 1 to 1 session management technology. Over the course of Season 1, you’ll follow the adventures of Ted and Bob as they deal with the challenges of running an online video business and ultimately triumph thanks to a smarter platform.

Meet the cast

The host

Your guide to the adventures of Acme TV Online as they look for a smarter platform.

Bob, Chief Revenue Officer, Acme TV Online

Always balancing the needs and wants of his viewers with the demands of his advertisers. How can he keep his audience and his revenue growing?

Ted, Chief Technology Officer, Acme TV Online

Keeps the systems running smoothly. He’s always looking for ways to reduce complexity while building the technical foundations of a growing online video business. Is there smarter technology that could solve his problems?

Jill, Acme TV Online viewer

Adores furry friends, especially the ones on her favorite show, “America’s Cutest Dancing Puppies”. Does a smarter streaming experience exist out there for her to enjoy?

The CEO, Acme TV Online

Keeps an eye on the bottom line. Can Bob and Ted work their way out of his dog house and become the world’s best employees?

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