Sub-processors Authorized to Process EEA Personal Data for Verizon Digital Media Services Inc.

Last Updated: February, 2019

The following third parties are authorized sub-processors for the Services provided by Verizon Digital Media Services Inc. (“Verizon”) pursuant to the applicable Master Services Agreement and Data Processing Addendum executed by and between Verizon and each applicable business customer. For purposes of clarification, not all sub-processors listed herein are used within all Services. For the avoidance of doubt, suppliers to Verizon responsible for the transit of communications through Verizon servers located in server colocation, peering and/or bandwidth connectivity providers around the world, where such providers have no access to such communications nor any data located on Verizon operated servers (i.e., “mere conduits”), shall not be considered sub-processors.

Sub-Processor Type
Sub-Processor Location
Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Third-party infrastructure provider
United States
Bizible, Inc.
Third party analytics provider used by Verizon for website analytics for the website
United States
Bomgar Corporation
Third party software used in connection with support provided for Volicon products/services
United States
Deutsche Telekom
Managed CDN partner
Digiflare USA Inc.
Platform for building, managing and delivering mobile video applications
United States
Distil Networks, Inc.
Bot mitigation services
United States
Google Analytics
Third party analytics provider, used in relation to Verizon’s website analytics for, for the purpose of analyzing site traffic, marketing impact, and other internal analytics functions
United States
Instapage, Inc.
Third party platform for registration forms for website
United States
LiquidPixels, Inc.
Image customization software
United States
Microsoft Azure
Storage infrastructure
United States
Oracle Corporation
ERP application
United States
Website analytics for
United States Inc.
Third party software to track usage and navigation within the Volicon software for support purposes
United States
Salesforce, Inc.
Third party provider used by Verizon for internal operations, customer maintenance, and other administrative functions, including analytics of Verizon’s website
United States
ServiceNow, Inc.
Third party software used in connection with support provided for Verizon products/services
United States
SignalFX, Inc.
Third party software used by Verizon to monitor the infrastructure on the Uplynk platform for analytics and support purposes
United States
Source Code Corporation
Third party vendor that integrates the equipment and Volicon software for Volicon customers
United States
Splunk, Inc.
Third party software used by Verizon as a centralized log management system
United States
Telia Company
Managed CDN partner
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