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Accelerate your websites, apps, and video content to every device, everywhere in the world.

Our Web Acceleration Solution improves the performance of your websites so you can engage viewers more effectively, deliver content faster and more reliably, and respond to changes efficiently. All backed by industry-leading service and support.

Whenever you go online, you expect every website you visit to be fast. Your website visitors are no different. This is why it’s critical that your online presence meets higher-than-ever standards of performance. Your company’s online growth depends on it. But there are challenges.

  • Websites are getting bigger as they pack in more video, richer games, and other widgets to serve user expectations.
  • Making your website work with an expanding array of devices is complex, yet your users expect a great experience on every screen wherever they are watching.
  • Your users want personalized experiences, making it critical to use data to sense and respond in real-time.
  • Online attacks are getting more creative, and motivations ranging from financial to political mean security concerns can scale from keeping transactions secure to ensure your online store is accessible to visitors.

With the Website Acceleration Solution
you gain speed, reliability, and control.

Optimized, next-generation network design so you can deliver content quickly and reliably

  • Distributed Super PoPs: Deliver great performance, reliability, and scale, increasing viewership
  • Layer 7 load balancing: Benefit from a highly-optimized infrastructure that enables a high (average of 95%) cache-hit ratio.
  • QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections): Enables maximum web performance speed and security for lower latency and faster time to render.

Unparalleled visibility and flexibility so you can respond to business changes more effectively

  • No black box: You’re in control – make things as simple or complex as you need with EdgeControl
  • Lua scripting engine: Customize and innovate with your own rules
  • Real-Time Log Delivery: Get nearly instant insights into operations to build a comprehensive picture of user profiles and website performance

World-class viewer experiences that help increase loyalty and revenue

  • Better performance: Internet Protocol (IP)-based user routing improves speed
  • Increased reliability: Multi-honed networks provides resilience/failover
  • Optimal availability: Open peering policies increase global availability and performance

“In the complex world of interconnects and ISPs, having a strong CDN service provider is essential to exceeding our service level agreements and delivering critical updates in a timely manner. VDMS service teams work closely with us to keep our downloads moving.”

Zhongning Chen

Director, Engineering, Symantec

“Migration to Verizon Edgcast CDN was very straightforward even though we didn’t do any kind of standard migration. We didn’t move the code; we didn’t move the object. We simply made one rule in our code, which changed the URL of the object, and we used Edgecast CDN’s gear as a reverse proxy, so some part of the object URL matches what it was before. It was 10 minutes of coding on our side and 10 minutes on Verizon’s side, and it was working.”

Marek Dajnowski

Chief Architect

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Web Acceleration Solution overview
Web Acceleration Solution overview
Smarter delivery infographic
Smarter delivery infographic
Smarter delivery fact sheet
Smarter delivery fact sheet
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Dynamic Imaging

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