Web Acceleration

Enhanced for Dynamic Content
so you can engage your users more effectively
Optimized Network Design
so you can deliver content quickly and reliably
Unparalleled Visibility & Flexibility
so you can respond to business changes more effectively
World-Class Customer Experience
so you can rest assured that we're taking care of any issues

Maximize Return On Your Digital Investments

Lightning-fast performance

We all want what we want, and we want it now. Your site visitors are no different. This is why it’s critical that your online presence meets higher-than-ever standards of performance. Your company’s online growth depends on it. But there are challenges to navigate.

  • Websites are getting bigger as they pack in more video, richer games and other widgets to serve user expectations.
  • Making your site work with an expanding array of devices is complex, yet your users expect a great experience on every screen.
  • Your users want personalized experiences, making it critical to use data to sense and respond in real-time.
  • Online attacks are getting more creative, and motivations ranging from financial to political mean security concerns can scale from keeping transactions secure to keeping your online store accessible.
web acceleration solution

Our Web Acceleration Solution:

The Verizon Web Acceleration Solution is built around the Verizon ACCELERATE product, a purpose-built Content Delivery Network (CDN) focused on dynamic content.

With the Website Acceleration Solution, you also gain ALL the benefits included with our non-commerce specific products:

Optimized, next-generation network design

  • Distributed Super PoPs: Great performance, reliability and scale
  • Patented Algorithms: tried-and-true efficiency

Unparalleled flexibility

  • No black box: You have control and can make things as simple or complex as you need with EdgeControl
  • Lua scripting engine: Customize and innovate with your own rules

World-class user experience

  • Better performance through Internet Protocol (IP)-based user routing
  • Resilience/failover through multi-homed networks
  • Performance/availability through open peering policies

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Web Acceleration Solution overview
Web Acceleration Solution overview
Smarter delivery infographic
Smarter delivery infographic
Smarter delivery fact sheet
Smarter delivery fact sheet
Dynamic Imaging
Dynamic Imaging

Products included In Web Acceleration Solution


CDN services optimized to deliver dynamic content lightning fast.


Verizon STORE

Store your content globally and securely and have your assets directly connected to our lightning-fast global delivery platform.



The lightning-fast approach to deliver your online content.



Control as simple or as complex as you need it.


Verizon DEFEND

Combines revolutionary software-based anti-DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attack) technology with an intuitive and adaptable cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) for enterprise, plus easy-to-apply origin server protection.



X.509 ([Secure Sockets Layer] SSL/TLS [Transport Layer Security]) OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) certificated to address your key data encryption needs.


Need to accelerate your website performance?