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Our OTT Solution helps you build an audience.

It’s the only solution available to prepare, deliver, display and monetize flawless video that scales as your online audience grows – all with the power of one.

Legacy infrastructure

Geographically dispersed origination facilities, advanced production workflows, disparate formats and device proliferation lead to complicated integration.


Delivering TV-like quality to every device and across any network requires a smarter approach to avoid needless complexity and associated processing, storage and management overhead.


A large library of programming, disparate metadata formats, multiple devices and distribution networks can create a confusing trail of data.


Successfully monetizing your online audience requires clear and consistent analytics and reporting that can maximize revenue opportunities.

Speed and flexibility

Delivering an OTT video service requires major moving parts that can take weeks of planning. You need a turnkey solution to help you get to market faster in terms of content preparation, delivery, display, monetization, analytics and reporting.

Investment and risk

Traditional OTT solutions involve upfront costs of encoding hardware, software, storage and headcount before your OTT content even reaches its first viewer. These costs should shift to a platform-as-a-service model, resulting in significant cost savings and less risk.

Our OTT Solution makes building a video business simple.

Here’s how:

  • We handle the technical heavy-lifting. Now you can focus on providing great content and building your brand and monetizing your audience.
  • We offer a true turnkey solution, from ingest to playout to monetization enablement. Our pricing model is simple – only pay for encode, storage and streaming. All the other advanced features come bundled for free!
  • Our Edgecast Content Delivery Network and 24 x 7 NOC support means your video is always being monitored from ingest to consumption.

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Find out what you’ll need to succeed in the world of video streaming today.

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See the Broadcast/OTT Solution in action

We launched live and on-demand online news streams along with news clip syndication for all Hearst Television station applications. And we created a seamless workflow by integrating into the broadcast playout systems of 26 local news stations.

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