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The easiest way to do live with the industry’s leading operations team.

Live Event Operations is a managed service for event rights holders and broadcasters that want to capture and stream live OTT events, featuring: onboarding and preparation, acquisition, in-event and post-event services.

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Live Events Operations

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  • Profitably increase your event coverage: OTT increases the ability to cover more events, and Live Event Operations allows you to ramp up resources quickly, ensuring relevant expertise with minimal fixed costs.
  • Extend your operations staff with our experienced Live Event Operations team: Gain access to deep experience (over 175 years of combined broadcast experience) across all key broadcast and OTT functional areas, with management of tens of thousands of events annually.
  • End-to-end managed live event services: Our Live Event Streaming Solution is the foundation of a rich set of integrated technologies customized for your specific needs.

Service highlights

Scale your worldwide coverage quickly, with no fixed cost commitments

Just as cloud technologies enable fast and profitable scaling technology resources, Live Event Operations adds a staffing component, allowing you to quickly ramp up operations capacity to cover a large number of concurrent events.

Access broadcast and OTT subject-matter expertise to optimize workflows

Leverage our team expertise in the following areas: broadcast engineering, non-linear editing, transmission engineering, Linux administration and graphic design.

Enjoy clear accountability for all areas of the distribution chain

Utilizing our video streaming and content delivery network services, our Live Event Operations team has preferential access to our platform experts, providing peace of mind during a live event. Our team performs system integration and stands behind third-party technologies to provide a carefree, end-to-end operations experience.

Integrate your system into various operational workflow models

Our services are architected to fit different live production workflow needs, with no broadcast operational impact.

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Live Event Operations overview
Live Event Operations overview
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Live Event Streaming Solution overview