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Better broadcast streaming experiences for global audiences.

Audiences are the lifeblood of your broadcast business. They expect to watch your premium shows, movies, live events and videos on every device, wherever they are, with TV-like quality. Leading global broadcasters trust our Media Platform to make their content look its best. 


The broadcast landscape has more than shifted. It’s been transformed by over-the-top (OTT) streaming. As millions of viewers adopt OTT, the opportunity for broadcasters to connect with new global OTT audiences is unlimited. Our Media Platform is the simplest way to stream your linear, live, and on-demand video to every device, everywhere. Unique features enable you to simplify your workflow from encoding and delivery to data and insights. Not only do we make it easy to extend your existing workflow, but we open the door to new monetization strategies. We combine our global edge network’s performance with advanced technologies, software, cloud security tools and service to easily and reliably deliver highly-personal, TV-like quality streams that worldwide broadcasters, content creators and viewers demand.

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Consumers share one viewpoint when it comes to streaming content: they expect the same consistent experience they get watching linear broadcast TV from their OTT services. Our global content delivery network’s massive bandwidth, paired with advanced caching and acceleration technologies, help you deliver richer viewing experiences to every device. Your audiences receive high-quality, instant-on streaming videos wherever they are in the world. It’s why some of the world’s largest broadcasters trust us to reliably and securely deliver their video streams with TV-like quality at global scale.


Securing your video streams requires digital rights management (DRM), but that’s only one part of protecting your online presence. We take a multilayered approach to security. In addition to providing DRM, our cloud security product helps prevent cyberattacks, protects your website, web applications, corporate infrastructure, and responds to threats in real time. All backed by managed security services that operate 24 x 7 x 365 so you can focus on your business as we focus on its digital safety. 

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