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According to Cisco, video streaming accounts for over two-thirds of all internet traffic, and this share is expected to jump to 82% by 2020. Additionally, by 2020, there will be 26.3 billion networked devices and connections globally, up from 16.3 billion in 2015.

For yesterday’s broadcasters, the pressure is on to compete in today’s endless battle for eyeballs. Appealing to millennials watching habits is no small task, after all. Some broadcasters successfully extended their traditional broadcast infrastructure for the digital ecosystem, while others were not as fortunate.

Viewers have already formed loyalties to those who managed to become the broadcaster of tomorrow. On the other hand, if you’re one of those who experimented with OTT without the results you’d hoped for, or have been overwhelmed with the efforts and costs of launching an app, you’re not alone.

Our Broadcast/OTT Solution solves multiple challenges faced by broadcasters every day.

It’s the only solution available to prepare, deliver, display and enable the monetization of flawless video that scales as your online audience grows – all with the power of one.

Legacy infrastructure

Geographically dispersed origination facilities, advanced production workflows, disparate formats and device proliferation lead to complicated integration.


Delivering TV-quality to every device and across any network requires a smarter approach to avoid needless complexity and associated processing, storage and management overhead.


A large library of programming, disparate metadata formats, multiple devices and distribution networks can create a confusing trail of data.


Successfully monetizing your online audience requires clear and consistent analytics and reporting that can maximize revenue opportunities.

Speed and flexibility

Delivering an OTT video service requires major moving parts that can take weeks of planning. You need a turnkey solution to help you get to market faster in terms of content preparation, delivery, display, monetization, analytics and reporting.

Investment and risk

Traditional OTT solutions involve upfront costs of encoding hardware, software, storage and headcount before your OTT content even reaches its first viewer. These costs should shift to a platform-as-a-service model, resulting in significant cost savings and less risk.

Our Broadcast/OTT Solution features will help you launch your OTT service faster.

Cloud encoding

Prepare your VOD or live content for encoding with our Uplynk Video Streaming service’s Slicer, which automatically detects, slices and sends the files to the cloud more efficiently than ever before.

Industry-standard content protection

Protect your premium content and revenue on every device with MPAA-approved content protection.

Closed-captioning support

Manage closed captioning simply and seamlessly in one workflow and comply with FCC mandates.

Multi-platform dynamic ad insertion

Deliver a TV-like user experience along with consistent ad tracking and reporting with our simplified workflow using any VAST standard ad server.

Turnkey video storefront

Launch your service and branded apps in record time with our fully featured multi-screen application partners and application tools.

Compliance metrics

Easily show that FCC compliance standards are being met with our Volicon Media Intelligence service’s tools.

Worldwide reach and scale

Enjoy unlimited reach with our reliable, lightning-fast Edgecast Content Delivery Network with expanded international PoPs (points of presence) in Latin America and India.

Analytics and insights

Track and measure your audience engagement with industry-standard audience measurement tools.

Powerful online video management

Live-capture content and make it immediately available for on-demand playback, complete with SCTE markers, without uploading or encoding a second time with the live to VOD feature. Content replacement (VOD to live) is also available.

Content syndication

Share your video feed with affiliate networks and syndication partners who can repurpose live video feeds and replace content with their own on-demand assets.

Advertising workflow management

Automatically replace all rights-restricted content with cleared, ad-supported programming and replace linear commercials with targeted ads. Integrate with other advertising systems using our API.

Clipping to social media

Create clips from your broadcast programming and quickly share them to social networks to drive further viewer engagement.

Media intelligence

Create winning content strategies for increased ratings, insightful competitive analysis and improved advertising revenues with our Volicon Media Intelligence service’s tools.

Support tools and 24 x 7 Network Operations Center (NOC)

Experience proactive monitoring with our NOC and speak to actual engineers, not call-center agents. Gain greater insight and visibility into network performance and availability with our integrated monitoring tools.

Our Broadcast/OTT Solution makes OTT simple for broadcasters and content publishers.

Our Broadcast/OTT Solution makes OTT simple for content owners and publishers. Here’s how:

  • We handle the technical heavy-lifting. Now you can focus on providing great content and building your brand and monetizing your audience.
  • We offer a true turnkey solution, from ingest to playout to monetization enablement. Our pricing model is simple – only pay for encode, storage and streaming. All the other advanced features come bundled for free!
  • Our Edgecast Content Delivery Network and 24 x 7 NOC support means your video is always being monitored from ingest to consumption. – edgecast performance and edgecast support

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We launched live and on-demand online news streams along with news clip syndication for all Hearst Television station applications. We created a seamless workflow by integrating into the broadcast playout systems of 26 local news stations.

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