Monetize your online video
with Verizon’s dynamic server-side ad insertion

Deliver personalized ad experiences

Verizon’s dynamic server-side ad insertion is disrupting the way content publishers are monetizing their online content. It leverages both server-side insertion for flawless performance while retaining the ability to target individual users with the most appropriate message.

AOL + Verizon — providing a TV-like viewing experience

Ad Insertion Benefits
A technical look at
server-side ad insertion

Deliver smooth, uninterrupted TV-like ad experiences on every device and platform for all your content, e.g., SD, HD, live, linear or on-demand, to every user around the world using Verizon’s enterprise-grade content delivery network

Ensure optimized ad yields and impressions with our unique session-based approach, which allows for one-to-one targeting of viewers with relevant ads

Combat ad blockers and realize more revenue with server-side insertion

Leverage these capabilities that come integrated with the industry’s leading end-to-end platform to prepare, deliver, display and monetize your content

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On-demand webinar: Deliver Personalized Ad Experiences

Learn about Verizon Digital Media Services’ unique server-side ad insertion (SSAI) approach and how it enables the monetization of online video and provides individual, personalized session management. Our solution delivers a single, unified stream to viewers for a true TV-like experience.