Delivering TV-quality experiences can increase your revenue by 25%

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The numbers are in. According to a recent study we conducted on 1,000+ U.S.-based online consumers who watched 14+ hours of streamed video a week, 86 percent of viewers say it is very or extremely important to receive a TV-quality experience every time and on every screen.

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39 percent of connected TV users say they stream video on their devices daily, and 54 percent are watching five days or more a week.

Eliminating all of the viewing problems will have a dramatic effect on video service provider revenue. Ad-supported services would see an increase in ad revenue of at least 25 percent. Subscription VOD providers would see a drop in churn of 10 percent or more. 

The average viewing session across all devices fell, on average, by 77 percent when video quality was significantly reduced. Nearly one third of viewers abandon viewing at least every other time they watch on a mobile device.

Here are a few key highlights from the report:

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