Discover the latest threats.

Managed Web Security Report: Q3 2020

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Cyberattack trends and best practices for protecting your business.

How well do you know your online enemies? In a single quarter, our cloud-based security service collected terabytes of data on the more than one billion threats we mitigated. Discover the latest cybersecurity threats to your websites, applications, and API endpoints, including insights on:

  • WAF Signatures
  • Request Method
  • User Agent
  • Access Controls
  • Request Content Type (MIME type)
  • Country of Origin

Where you need to be putting your cybersecurity resources today.

The cybersecurity threat landscape has changed. Your first line of defense is to know what type of attacks are most prevalent. Get our latest report for best practices on DDoS protection, real-time monitoring, false positive reviews, and more – that help you decide where to allocate your security resources to protect your business.

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