Verizon at top of Frost & Sullivan Global Holistic Web Protection Market Analysis


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If your security solution does not include DDoS mitigation, a dual Web Application Firewall (WAF) and bot risk management, you’re leaving your business wide open to financial loss.

Download our Frost & Sullivan report summary to learn why they rated our multilayered cloud-based solution at the top of its Global Holistic Web Protection Market Analysis.

Our proven multilayered solution protects you with:

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

DDoS Shield protects cloud-based and hosted infrastructure. Combine with HTTP Rate Limiting, and you have an extra layer of protection for your web services.  

Dual WAF

We’re the only provider with the ability to test potential changes against production traffic while still protecting your websites using previously tested rules. You’re never left exposed. 

Bot Management

Advanced botnet detection and mitigation leveraging fingerprinting technology isolate botnet attacks while enabling legitimate users continued access.

Global Network

With 57+ Tbps to absorb even the largest DDoS attacks, your websites stay online and protected at all times.


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