Quality drives higher engagement.

86 percent of viewers say it is very or extremely important to receive a TV-like experience every time and on every screen. (According to an April 2016 Verizon Digital Media Services’ study conducted on 1,000+ U.S.-based consumers.)

Understanding online viewer habits


Understand your online viewers’ TV-watching habits at a glance with our infographic.

Video Streaming Quality Report 2016


Get a deeper dive into what your viewers expect when they watch online and why quality matters to them in the full report.

The high cost of low-quality


Poor-quality experiences come with a high cost and lower revenue. Sign up for our webinar to learn why you should be delivering high-quality experiences.

Today’s viewers aren’t choosing video services based on obvious factors like price, brand recognition or breadth of content. What really matters to them is quality — more specifically, the quality of their experience.

If your viewers aren’t enjoying a TV-like experience on every screen, it’s time to reanalyze your OTT video strategy.

With Verizon Digital Media Services, your viewers will finally get to experience online video the way it’s meant to be seen: seamless, flawless, anytime, anywhere.

Learn about the strategies of the new mobile video marketplace.

Industry leaders talk about the importance of quality.

Find out what you’ll need to succeed in the world of video streaming today.

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Quality of service

We are built on the world’s largest, most connected network. Our performance and reliability are second to none.

Quality of experience

Flawless video, uninterrupted streams and high-fidelity audio: We deliver the best TV-like experience to your viewers anywhere in the world.

Quality partner

As a partner, we are invested in your success, and everything from our platform to our best-in-class support is built to make your life easier.

Quality platform

We’ve streamlined the entire online video process to simplify today’s world of multiple vendors and fragmented devices.

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