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Verizon Digital Media Services’ Bridge Track will provide forward-thinking perspectives on the shift from traditional TV to OTT distribution, while analyzing current business trends and their relevance.

The topics below were developed based on key learnings from launching and supporting many of the largest broadcasters, OTT service providers and content owners delivering online video today. Join us as we explore the technology, business issues and consumer behaviors that will build the bridge to the TV of tomorrow.

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June 7, 2016
The Golden Gate Club — The Presidio
The Cypress Room
San Francisco, Ca


The OTT TV of Tomorrow Show

9:10am — 10:05am


Video entertainment is no longer simply about catching the latest show. Viewers expect to be able to tweet about it, binge it, interact with its stars, watch it in Ultra HD and create fan videos expanding upon it. OTT delivery is expanding what it means to be entertained, and plain-old video is just one part of a far broader picture. In this keynote panel, a group of industry experts will discuss where all of this innovation might lead.

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Moderator: Colin Dixon — Founder, nScreenMedia

Panelists: Ralf Jacob — Chief Revenue Officer, Verizon Digital Media Services

Clark Pierce — SVP of TV Everywhere, FOX Sports

Margaret Czeisler — Chief Strategy Officer, Wildness at AwesomenessTV

Gerard Kunkel — Founder,

Live delivery at scale

10:40am – 11:40am


Live events are a major driver for OTT video adoption by consumers. Each time The Olympics, World Cup and Super Bowl are held, the online live audience grows strongly compared to the previous event. Yet live audiences remain a mere fraction of traditional broadcast delivery, and problems with delivery are all too common. Meanwhile, organic growth in live services like Twitch and Periscope are helping the live economy grow beyond the big event. This panel will look at the art and science of live delivery online.

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Moderator: Brian Ring — President, Ring Digital

Panelists: Joseph Hopkins — VP of Media and Entertainment Sales, Verizon Digital Media Services

Warren Packard — CEO, Thuuz Sports

Omer Luzzatti — Senior Director/Head of Video Platform, Yahoo

David Morel — Chief Strategy Officer, DLVR

Steven Oh — Chief Business Officer, The Young Turks Network

Avoiding the jerk(iness)

12:00 – 12:55 pm


As consumers are migrating an increasing amount of their viewing time online, their expectations of a quality experience are similarly increasing. Tolerance for slow starts, buffering and poor quality video is falling, and the penalty for poor performance is swift. After 4 minutes of poor streaming performance, 75% of online video viewers will have abandoned the video they were seeking to watch. But there are things a content service provider can do to minimize the problems, and in this panel we will explore what those are.

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Moderator: Eric Grab — Founder, Disruption Wave

Panelists: Jason Friedlander — Director of Solutions Engineering, Media and Entertainment, Verizon Digital Media Services

Ed Haslam — CMO, Conviva

Kurt Michel — Sr. Marketing Director, IneoQuest Technologies

Peter Vasay — SVP of Technology Operations, THX

The OTT video money stream

1:45 – 2:40 pm


The emphasis in OTT video monetization to date has been on ad-free subscription VOD, but services like Hulu are proving the dual revenue model can also work. It looks likely that consumers are prepared to pay for only a few of these services at once. Does this mean there is an emerging opportunity for free-to-web services, and can services targeting niche markets develop a strong following and achieve financial success? Netflix is charging a premium for Ultra HD delivery. Is this a temporary phenomenon or will high-quality delivery be able to sustain a premium? In this panel, we will examine the shifting content monetization equation.

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Moderator: Tom Morgan — Principal, MediaD TV

Panelists: Dan Ackerman — SVP, ONE by AOL TV at AOL

Gene Hoffman — CEO, Vindicia

Farhad Massoudi — CEO, adRise/Tubi TV

Tim Ware — VP of Advanced Television, Tremor Video

Tom Pickett — CEO, Ellation

Smartphone revolution: the small screen as the first screen

2:40 – 3:35 pm


Mobile screens now account for nearly a third of all online ad views, but engagement times remain low relative to big-screen cousins. Is smartphone viewing just filling the idle moments in our lives with video, or is it taking on a broader role in the video ecosystem? T-Mobile’s Binge On forces all video to a maximum resolution of 480p. Is this really necessary, and is it good enough? For the young, the smartphone screen is becoming the primary source of video entertainment. What does this bode for the future of video entertainment?

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Moderator: Jeremy Toeman — Head of Products, CNET

Panelists: Cyrill Glockner — Director of Product Management, go90, Verizon

Ted Malone — VP of Products, Strategy, Planning and Management, Ericsson

Jim O’Leary — Senior Market Development Manager, Mobile Solutions, Cisco

Shaan Puri — CEO, Blab

The reinvention of linear online

3:45 – 4:40 pm


Traditional linear television is not only making the transition online with services like Sling TV and Playstation Vue, but it is also being reinvented in the process. Companies like PlutoTV, Now TV and Crackle are finding that there is no better way to capture an audience, and grow engagement, than with video that just starts playing when the audience loads the app. Approaches such as micro-linear channels and programmatic TV are transforming the art and science of linear video, finding ways to deliver at scale and with great quality.

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Moderator: Linda Abrams — President, Xposure Media

Panelists: Tom Ryan — CEO, Pluto TV

Adriano Farano — CEO, Watchup

Field Garthwaite — CEO, IRIS.TV

Jim Monroe — GM of Broadcast TV, Didja

Hilary Perchard — EVP of Digital, Fox Networks Group

Greg Riker — SVP of Sales, North America, Metrological

Putting on your best (inter)face

4:40 – 5:35 pm


Making sure the quality of the app matches the quality of the content is one of the most important things a content provider can do to ensure service success. Getting it right is not easy. With so many platforms, operating systems, devices and screen sizes, it’s easy for a content provider to get overwhelmed by the challenge. In this session a panel of TV app developers and content providers with successful TV apps discuss what it takes to be great. They will examine what is needed to make a TV app shine, and some of the pitfalls to avoid that can drag it down.

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Moderator: Bill Niemeyer — Senior Analyst, nScreenMedia

Panelists: Vitali Soroka — Director of UX and Design, Digiflare

Naomi Lipowski — Director of Global Web, ITV and TV Emerging Technologies, The Weather Network

Claire McHugh — CEO, Axonista

Judy Johnson — Director of Product Management, AWE, Bottle Rocket Studios

Perry Weinstein — GM, North America, Accedo

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