Launch your OTT service easily, faster and more efficiently with the power of one!

Launching an OTT service has many challenges, with both technical and business complexities conspiring to increase your development time, increase your costs and push back your launch date. Our Uplynk Video Streaming service helps both new and existing OTT providers launch new apps, websites and services quickly with the power of ONE:

  • One format to reach every device
  • One simplified, scalable cloud-based workflow for high-quality live, linear and on-demand video that looks and performs optimally on every screen
  • One worldwide content delivery network (CDN), powered by the Edgecast Network, and built on Verizon’s lightning-fast, reliable network
  • One place for storage to secure, store and manage your digital streaming video files efficiently
  • One set of analytics to track and improve video performance instantaneously so that you become an expert on your viewers’ content preference and experiences
  • One robust engine for monetization to create new revenue opportunities for every business model for everything from advertising, subscriptions and pay per view
  • One reporting and monitoring service by Volicon to help you capture, share, review, comply and monitor your content with simplified creation tools, monitoring and analytics tools and accelerated cloud-based video delivery (read about our acquisition of Volicon here)
  • One digital rights management (DRM) system to protect you content on every device for the highest degree of content security and revenue protection
  • One trusted partner to handle the technical aspects of online video preparation, delivery, display and monetization so that you can concentrate on matching great content with an engaged audience

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