Verizon Digital Media Services’ Volicon Media Intelligence Support Plan

This Support Plan (“Support Plan“) sets forth the details of Verizon’s support offerings (“Technical Support Services“) for Equipment and Software of the Volicon Media Intelligence, solution subject to the Terms and Conditions (“Agreement“) found at Only the Software and any Equipment, identified by the unique serial number provided by Verizon, that are expressly specified in the Customer’s Order will be covered under the Support Plan for the Support Term. Customer agrees that this Support Plan shall exclusively govern Customer’s use of the Technical Support Services as of the date of a fully executed Order. Verizon may, in its sole discretion, update or amend the terms of this Support Plan at any time upon posting of the modified Support Plan to this URL: All capitalized terms used and not otherwise defined in this Support Plan shall have the meanings set forth in the Agreement.

The Support Term shall be specified on the fully executed Order.

Telephone and email support (availability based on support tier purchased).

Phone: +1-781-221-7400 ext. 5


Verizon will provide the following Technical Support Services to Customer during the Support Term:

  1. Remote problem diagnostics and telephone support;
  2. All major and dot software releases of Software;
  3. Software bug fixes; and
  4. Advanced replacement of Equipment components subject to certain exclusions described further herein.


Issue Level Initial Response
1 – CRITICAL 4 Hours
2 – MAJOR 6 Hours
3 – MINOR 24 Hours
4 – NO IMPACT 24 Hours

Issues are classified as CRITICAL, MAJOR, MINOR, or NO IMPACT based upon the definitions listed in the table below. Customer and Verizon shall mutually determine the Issue Level.

1 – CRITICAL Customer’s system is down and inoperable. All work has stopped and the situation is causing a critical impact to the Customer’s business operations and productivity.
2 – MAJOR Customer’s system is severely limited or degraded. The situation is causing a significant impact to certain portions of the Customer’s business and productivity.
3 – MINOR Problem encountered; irritant; minimal impact to business operation; localized or isolated impact; operational nuisance; documentation errors.
4 – NO IMPACT General questions; information needed.

If Verizon determines that a component of the Equipment needs to be returned for repair, Customer agrees to package and send such component to Verizon’s repair facility, as directed by Verizon. All packaging, shipment and delivery costs for the return to depot is the responsibility of the Customer. Verizon will repair and/or replace the component in accordance with, and to the extent covered by the Support Plan, and will return the component to Customers within the United States at Verizon’s expense.

At the discretion of a Verizon support representative, failed Equipment components may be advance replaced. In the event Verizon agrees to advance replace such failed component(s): (i) Verizon will send a package containing the replacement component to the Customer; and (ii) Customer shall ship the failed component to Verizon within ten (10) business days of receipt of the replacement component. Failed components not returned to Verizon within twenty (20) business days of receipt of an advance replacement component are considered billable and purchased goods. Verizon reserves the right to substitute equivalent components in the advance replacement process at its sole discretion.

The Support Plan does not grant any rights or entitlement to Customer to premium Software features that are developed and made commercially available by Verizon as a separate product. Any such premium feature(s) must be purchased separately.

The Support Plan does not cover damage due to external causes including, but not limited to, accidents, abuse, misuse, problems with electrical power, adverse environmental conditions, usage not in accordance with intended purpose, and failures caused by use of parts, hardware components or software not supplied by Verizon.

The Support Plan does not include external accessories and devices (including, but not limited to: monitors, keyboards, mouse, convertors, set top boxes, tape drives, rack accessories, networking devices) which were not purchased directly from Verizon.

Alteration or removal of the serial number voids this Support Plan. Adding or changing Equipment, in whole or part, without concurrence of Verizon technical support may void this Support Plan at Verizon’s sole discretion.

Verizon’s liability and responsibility for any defects or damages arising or related to the Systems, Equipment, or Software are limited to repair or replacement as set forth in this Support Plan.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Verizon shall have no obligation to support any Software that has not been updated with the latest versions made available by Verizon for the applicable Equipment or, if Customer is only licensing Software, for the applicable equipment that has been permitted or required in accordance with Section 4(a)(ii) of the Agreement.

Last updated​: June 1, 2017