Quickly repurpose linear content to web, mobile and social

The Share application allows broadcasters to repurpose existing content quickly and efficiently and subsequently push it to a multitude of digital platforms and social media sites, successfully extending the life of content.

It’s a challenge to engage viewers on all platforms and keep their interest while driving them back to linear channel ratings. Nonetheless, it must be done quickly, easily and in compliance with evolving regulations.

Share’s one-button publishing profiles facilitate rapid content processing to meet appropriate container and encoding requirements for an array of platforms, including target websites, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Share also makes use of existing closed-captioning text to publish content that is compliant with government regulations.


Benefits of Share


Easy-to-use and fast for archiving.

Enterprise solution

Permissions, active directory, policies and industry-proven, high-capacity equipment can serve hundreds of users, hundreds of clips and hundreds of destinations.

Stay compliant

Only allows legally approved content to be posted to social and web ‘as aired’.

More key advantages

  • Simple-to-use video clipping
  • High-quality HD and frame accuracy
  • Closed captioning to meet regulations (CVAA)
  • Tags, categories and any custom metadata supported with video clip
  • Thumbnails creation and cropping
  • Proxy viewing allows for effective remote operations
  • Ad removal – manual and automated based on ad sync signals – centralized platform that manages access to accounts
  • Profile system allows for one-button sharing
  • Animated GIF creation from video clips for Chrome autoplay workaround
  • Light editing capabilities of pre- and midroll slates


Choose what offering is perfect for your needs with our modules:

Active directory integration

Active directory integration allows users to log in a single time on the active directory server, thereby eliminating the need for multiple logins across multiple servers. Once logged into the active directory server, the user is logged in with the same credentials set by the administrator. By integrating RPM into the active directory domain, a transparent user login and pre-assigned user privileges are enabled.

DVB subtitles

Monitoring DVB subtitles, decoding, recording and playback are capabilities that broadcasters need to ensure proper execution and compliance with regulations. Alerts on missing DVB subtitles ensure full proof of conformance.

Embedded AC3 audio

This module eliminates not only the cumbersome and expensive task of extracting AC3 audio, de-embedding, decoding externally and re-embedding it back as PCM audio, but also the need for additional equipment and cabling. We save time and money by natively processing AC3 audio without the need for an external AC3 decoder and re-embedder.

Content Export

Content Export’s automated workflow takes audio/video content and repurposes it into various formats for various destinations, including websites,  mobile and non-linear video editing applications. It combines scheduling tools for automating format conversions, a transcoding engine and an intuitive publishing workflow for captured content. The system is flexible enough to operate in either automated or manually configured transcode modes to take the content from the native format (Windows Media *.asf) to an appropriate format for the application. The content can then be published to a destination of choice, whether to local or network-based storage. A typical use case is to configure the Content Export to automatically capture nightly news broadcasts, convert them, then publish them on a company website for automatic website updates. Persistent clipping is a new add-on feature exclusive to this module. This premium feature provides a convenient and flexible method for video clip archiving, enabling users to keep track of and playback archived assets seamlessly.

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Share fact sheet
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