Fast, economical launch of over-the-top (OTT) offerings with the integration of Uplynk Video Streaming service with Volicon Media Intelligence.

Our Deliver application, enhanced with our Slicer application, allows users of the Volicon Media Intelligence service to launch OTT offerings quickly and efficiently by leveraging their existing Volicon hardware infrastructure.

Benefits of Deliver

Linear, live and on demand

Stream linear channels, live events and on-demand clips to online viewers on an array of mobile phones, tablets, web browsers and streaming devices.

A single footprint

Industry-leading compliance, monitoring and OTT delivered in a single footprint within a broadcaster’s facility.

As easy as a flip of the switch

Ingest video, encode it into multiple bitrate profiles, encrypt it and distribute it via OTT or VOD (video-on-demand) services, as well as through web and social media sites like: YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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Deliver fact sheet
Deliver fact sheet
OTT content generation for live programming white paper
OTT content generation for live programming white paper