Our Volicon Media Intelligence service

Transforming the way you create, share
and monitor your broadcast product

Our Volicon Media Intelligence service provides a unified web-based solution available for media stakeholders and partners to respond quickly and efficiently to the need to review, analyze and produce quality content. Volicon Media Intelligence service provides powerful tools for content creation and repurposing, compliance monitoring, ad verification, competitive analysis and quality of service monitoring.

Volicon Media Intelligence service:

  • Records all broadcast media, including programming and broadcasts from partners and competitors
  • Monitors broadcast quality, report faults and instantly reviews the impact of detected errors for true end-to-end visibility into the broadcast and over-the-top (OTT) delivery chain
  • Enables different groups to perform content repurposing, publishing to web and social media, legal and regulatory compliance, content review and quality-of-experience monitoring
  • Allows multiple users to collaborate from any place at any time with a web-based interface
  • Ensures compliance with regulation or licensing requirements, such as loudness and closed captioning

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Our Monitor application instantly monitors and reviews broadcast quality across the entire broadcast chain. With Monitor, broadcasters and other content providers can incorporate monitoring with content recording (logging) technology into their multiscreen and multiplatform delivery models more effectively and economically. We provide comprehensive solutions to monitor and analyze video quality and delivery.

  • 24 x 7 full-frame-rate recording of selected rendtion(s) of HLS streams – quality of experience alerting, with fully adjustable thresholds, for video, audio, closed captioning insertion, NAVE watermarking, AC3 audio
  • Logging and monitoring of SCTE-35/104 digital ads insertion signaling and DPI monitoring
  • Improved quality of experience (monitor static, black, audio level parameters)
  • Instantly review impact of detected errors


Our Comply application records, searches, clips and exports broadcast content for regulatory and compliance requirements. Producing compliance reports with extracted A/V affidavits simplifies the ability to respond to public or legal inquiries while providing complete and unambiguous proof of compliance.

  • Accurate, complete history of aired content and associated metadata
  • Quick and unambiguous response to compliance requests for decency, closed captioning and loudness
  • Proven reliability, scalability and availability


Our Review application allows users to review on-air content, validate ad placement, and perform competitive analysis. The Review application promotes collaboration between producers, editors, sales and research departments and provides the tools to create winning content strategies for increased ratings, insightful competitive analysis and improved strategies for increasing advertising revenues.

  • Insightful competitive analysis
  • Single browser-based interface to perform ad verification tasks and to ensure ads are running smoothly
  • Closed-captioning search allows for quick location of specific subject mentions within the recorded programming


Our Share application enables speed and agility in publishing content to a multitude of digital platforms. With Share, broadcasters can repurpose existing content quickly and efficiently and subsequently push it to their websites, mobile and social media.

  • Easy-to-use video clipping interface
  • Serves hundreds of users, clips and destinations
  • Share uses existing closed-captioning text to publish content that is compliant with government regulations
  • Light editing capabilities of pre- and midroll slates