Straightforward pricing

A simpler way to pay

Our Uplynk Video Streaming service only charges you for three things: hours of content encoded, stored and streamed. Everything else is included: analytics, encryption and ad integration.

Hourly pricing

Billing is measured in terms of content duration. If you encode a 1.5-hour video, that’s 1.5 total hours of encoding, not per adaptive bitrate. The same applies for storage and playback.


It only takes one single workflow to make your content available on all platforms. You pay only once to have it stored each month, and playback pricing is the same, regardless of device or region.

Always HD

HD is included at no extra charge. Because we measure hours instead of GB, you’re never punished for delivering a high-quality experience to your audience.

Low commitment

Pay only for what you use and nothing else. We don’t believe in locking you up in burdensome contracts.


Hourly-based pricing is much easier to forecast. Never worry about mobile versus broadband streaming, or domestic versus international streaming, because to us it’s all the same price.

Future proof

You’ll never have to re-encode your content to reach new platforms. Once your content is stored, we make it play across all platforms – even those that haven’t been invented yet.

Frequently asked questions

I have a two-hour movie in HD. How much will it cost to encode it in an adaptive format for Flash, iOS, Android and Roku?

It will cost you 2 hours of encoding – total. Because we bill based on hours, you don’t have to worry about how many adaptive profiles are used or how many devices you’re targeting.

What if someday I decide to bring that same two-hour video into a Windows app? How much will that cost?

If the video is already in our system it won’t cost you anything. Our single-format encoding makes the same adaptive format work across all devices, even if they didn’t exist at the time you encoded your video.

Is encoding a one-time fee or is it recurring every month?

Encoding is a one-time fee per video. If you encoded a video this month, subsequent months’ bills will only include storage and streaming for that video.

Are content delivery network (CDN) charges included?

CDN charges are included in the cost of encoding, storage and streaming. Your video is delivered with the same scale and redundancy that Disney/ABC get from their apps and, just like them, you don’t have to think twice about it.

Is billing rounded to the nearest hour?

No! If you encode a 30-second video, you’ll be charged for 30 seconds of encoding. Similarly, if six viewers watch 30 seconds of your video each, you’ll be charged for 180 seconds of streaming – regardless of the device they use to watch video.

What about pricing for live content? Doesn't that cost more?

Live encoding, storage and playback cost the same as on-demand encoding, storage and playback.

Does live, linear incur any storage fees?

Yes, but they’re minimal. Live-encoded content needs to stick around for just a little while to ensure proper playback across all devices and regions.

What about international pricing?

It’s the same as domestic – even for live streaming.

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