Simplify your insights

Get to know your content’s performance

Our Uplynk Video Streaming service provides with you data on live, on demand and everything in between. You can monitor viewership trends by time, device and country – and it all comes free.

Easy and convenient

Your analytics needs are as unique as your business, which is why we make the raw data available to you (also for free). You’ll never be stuck waiting on us to create a new report.

Measured in hours

Trick question: how long is 1GB of video? Finding the answer means making a lot of assumptions about bitrates and bandwidth. Similar to our pricing, our analytics are measured in hours instead of GB.

Server-side analytics

Just like our ad integration and content replacement, analytics are handled server side. Not only does this mean your developers can focus on more important things, it means you can reach new platforms much faster.

Backwards compatible

Already set up with an analytics suite you love? No problem. We won’t prevent you from using that as well. We’re fully compatible with any third-party analytics provider.

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It’s easy to configure the Uplynk Video Streaming service.