Server-side ad insertion

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What is server-side ad insertion?

Server-side ad insertion, also known as dynamic ad insertion or ad stitching, is a more streamlined approach to advertising than traditional client-side ad insertion. Server-side ad insertion stitches the ad into the video stream rather than delivering it from a third-party ad server, effectively avoiding the threat of ad blockers and providing a better viewer experience with fully dynamic, targeted ads during live and on-demand streaming.

Client-side ad insertion versus Verizon’s server-side ad insertion technology

Our server-side ad insertion technology takes a simpler and more effective approach to scaling and monetizing both live and on-demand video. Rather than inserting ads through the device, also known as the client, we insert ads into the stream via the cloud. As a result, we eliminate multiple points of failure, including software development kits (SDKs), video encoding formats and digital rights management systems. This approach effectively combats the threat of ad blockers and helps ensure you get more eyeballs on your ads with dynamic, targeted ads.

The traditional way: client-side ad insertion

The traditional approach to ad insertion delivers ads client side from a third-party ad server.  This approach is costly to build and maintain and often provides a poor experience for viewers.

The better way: Server-side ad insertion

Unlike client-side ad insertion, our server-side ad insertion approach requires no development effort, works across all platforms and is more scalable than traditional methods. Ad integration, insertion and analytics happen at the server (in the cloud) instead of the client (third-party ad server), providing a buffer-free, optimized viewer experience and reducing cost and complexity for both live and on-demand streaming. Plus, a server-side approach also means higher completion rates for advertisers.

Server-side ad insertion benefits:

Multi-platform scalability with reduced risks and costs

Rest easy knowing that your ads will automatically work on any and every platform thanks to our proprietary single workflow process. With our server-side ad insertion technology, there’s no need to handwrite code for every platform to request the targeting, slicing and reporting of ads. Not only does this save you time and money, there’s less risk involved too.

Live ad insertion for live, linear and video on demand (VOD)

Deliver smooth, uninterrupted, buffer-free TV-like ad experiences on every device and platform for all your content, e.g., SD, HD, live, linear or on demand, to every viewer around the world using our enterprise content delivery network. Unlike server-side ad insertion’s seamless delivery, client-side ad insertion involves a delay when the client communicates with the server, which means viewers are more likely to see a drop in quality with each adaptive video ad. Ads work the same for both live and on demand, giving you ultimate flexibility. Want to replay live-captured content as VOD? No problem. We can replace the live ads with fresh ones for you.

Dynamic/targeted ad insertion

Ensure optimized ad yields and impressions with our unique session-based approach, which allows for one-to-one targeting of viewers with relevant, fully dynamic ads.

Consistent ad tracking and reporting

Combat ad blockers by stitching together ads and content into one package at the content management system rather than separately in the browser level. Combine this approach with lightweight client-side validation to see impressions. And because ads are included in the adaptive stream, your viewers will enjoy an HD, TV-like experience without any buffering.

Backwards compatible

Transitioning from another system? That’s ok, we don’t prevent you from doing things the old way, either. You can use all the client-side logic and reporting you need.

One end-to-end platform

Leverage these capabilities that come integrated with the industry’s leading end-to-end platform to prepare, deliver, display and enable the monetization of your content.

A technical look at server-side ad insertion

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