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Faster, easier, simpler

Whether you’re focused on live, linear or on demand, we’ve got you covered! With our Uplynk Video Streaming service, there’s no need to worry about multiple workflows, disparate devices and platforms or complex, dynamic business cases for streaming original content live.

Getting started

Simply run our upload tool, the Slicer, on commodity hardware in your facility and give it a video feed. That’s it! The Slicer unifies your on-demand content, ensuring ads and closed captions are delivered consistently – even if the VOD asset is later inserted into a linear stream.

Device and platform parity

Put your video through our encoding process, tell us where ad breaks occur, include closed-captioning data and you’re done! Your content is immediately ready for playback, with ads and closed captioning on every device and platform. And best of all, your viewers will receive the most TV-like experience across all their devices.

Automation system integration

Need something more dynamic? We can integrate with your automation system to enable more advanced functionality, like content and ad replacement.

Adaptive HD

All Uplynk Video Streaming customers get fully adaptive, HD streaming as part of our straightforward pricing model.

Ad-server integration

Monetizing your content has never been easier. Uplynk Video Streaming can integrate with any third-party ad server, eliminating costly work for your developers.

Dynamic ad insertion

Replace the original static ads with targeted ads, uniquely delivered to each viewer. Ads are inserted on the server, so they work consistently across all devices without any development effort.

Live to VOD

Live-captured content is immediately available for on-demand playback without uploading or encoding a second time. You’ll also get to enjoy more visibility into your live delivery.

VOD to live content replacement

Live content is replaced with VOD content when rights to stream in an online feed aren’t available.

Live content blackout

When programming rights restrict playback to certain geographies or devices, you can restrict playback or deliver alternative content.

Share your video feed with partners

Content syndicators can repurpose live video feed and replace content with their own on-demand assets.

Closed-captioning support

Details like closed captioning are managed simply and seamlessly in one workflow.

Dolby Audio

Vibrant, high-quality sound with enhanced stereo and up to 7.1 multichannel audio across a wide variety of devices.

CMS integration

Our tools are built with automation and integration in mind. We can seamlessly integrate with most content management systems.

Clipping to social media

Create clips from the best parts of your video content, whether live or on demand, and share them to Twitter, Facebook and more for the whole world to enjoy. Our clipping tool uses preset clipping profiles for overlays, bumpers and export destinations to enable faster sharing across different social media pages.

Key benefits:

Get precise control over your entire digital video service. Easily define where, when and how viewers can access your content with features that allow you to:

  • Repurpose both live and on-demand assets
  • Grow your digital video business with new revenue and business models
  • Increase your brand reach and awareness with digital syndication partners
  • Manage channels and bundles of content easily
  • Decrease your time to market
  • Gain visibility into your live video stream
  • Monitor the health of your live content with Slicer Monitoring

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Supporting C3/C7 white paper
Supporting C3/C7 white paper

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