How it works

OTT made simple

Uplynk Video Streaming streams live, linear and on-demand video to all devices in a fundamentally different way. By using a single workflow everywhere, we reduce costs and complexity for broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) providers.

No capex

No encoding appliances

Say goodbye to expensive, proprietary encoding hardware. Our unique single workflow process gives you the security of local encoding with the scalability of cloud encoding. Never worry about capacity planning again.

No broadcast hardware

With other encoding solutions, you may find yourself purchasing additional hardware to handle complex tasks like ad replacement. Our software solution makes this efficient, and comes as part of our straightforward pricing.

Low opex

Single workflow

Most solutions encode your video to a new format for each platform you’re targeting. That means paying duplicate costs for encoding, storage, distribution and analytics – forever. Uplynk Video Streaming encodes your video only once, saving you big time.

Hourly pricing

We charge for hours of content encoded, stored and streamed. It’s simple, predictable, and best of all, HD comes for free. Everything else is included: 128-bit AES encryption, analytics, and even server-side ad insertion.

Operational efficiency

Broadcasters and OTT providers work with a lot of moving parts. We bypass hardware and complexity, reducing costs along the way. Collapsing your workflow to a single workflow is just the beginning.

Greater flexibility

Server-side ad insertion

Monetizing your content is critical, but writing ad logic for every platform is expensive. Uplynk Video Streaming simplifies this by handling all the integration server side, reducing development efforts and providing a better experience for your viewers.

Cross-platform analytics

Another benefit of using a single workflow is the unification of analytics data. Our cross-platform analytics is extremely accurate, largely because we don’t have to aggregate any disparate data.

Workflow integration

Our tools are designed to transparently integrate into your existing workflow. Everything can be fully automated, so your team can focus on getting the job done instead of learning new tools.

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