Encode & playback

Encode once. Play everywhere.

Streaming is broken. Our Uplynk Video Streaming service provides simplified online video encoding that allows you to reach multiple platforms with just a single workflow.

Simplifying the entire process

Don’t pay more for encoding, storage, encryption and distribution and expensive, proprietary encoding appliances. By using a single workflow across all platforms, we’ll help you collapse your workflow into one for high-quality consistent viewer experiences that scale to every device, easily and cost effectively.

Upload & encode

How does it work?

A small app, called the Slicer runs on basic hardware in your facility (a laptop will do). The Slicer’s patent-pending process chops your video into smaller pieces of work, encrypts them, and then pushes them into the cloud for encoding. You get the security benefits of having your own hardware, but with the cost and scalability benefits of the cloud.

No capex, less opex

Hardware encoders aren’t the only cost savings. You also won’t need third-party upload tools, and the egress bandwidth requirements are less than traditional methods.


The Slicer takes care of all the heavy lifting. It creates a single workflow that will work across all platforms, and ensures important data like closed captioning is preserved.


Because upload and encode happen in parallel, encode finishes seconds after upload. Files are validated upfront, so you’ll never upload a 30GB video only to discover it’s invalid.

Adaptive HD, always

High definition, adaptive streaming is included in our service for free. The Slicer automatically calculates ideal encoding settings to ensure your content looks great on all devices.

Cinematic sound

Dolby Audio  support means your audience can enjoy vibrant, high-quality sound with enhanced stereo, and up to 7.1 multichannel audio, delivered to all leading streaming platforms.

Live and on demand

The Slicer process works the same for both live and on-demand content, providing unprecedented flexibility down the road.


Content is encoded to standard H.264 for video and AAC for audio. Don’t worry, you’re not getting locked into something proprietary.


How does it work?

The same encode plays across all devices and platforms, giving a high-quality, adaptive experience while simplifying more complex features like ad insertion, closed captioning, blackouts or alternative programming and analytics. We’re never re-transcoding or repackaging your content.

Patent-pending playback

Unique playback technology enables the same content to play on all devices, collapsing giant workflows into something much simpler and cheaper.

Closed captioning

Our FCC-compliant closed captioning works the same across all platforms, so you’re never stuck worrying about side-cart files and synchronization.

Blackout and alternative programming

Our live streaming technology and 1 to 1 session management technology, called Smartplay by Verizon, management enables you to blackout programming and present alternative content to keep your viewers engaged when operators don’t own all the streaming distribution rights.

Cross platform, “always-on” DRM

Uplynk Video Streaming’s content protection works the same across all platforms, so you only have to implement it once, as opposed to the fragmented nature of most other digital rights management solutions. Our security function controls how and when the content is consumed by your viewers.

Dynamic ad replacement

We integrate with any third-party ad server to deliver fully dynamic, targeted ads in both live and on-demand scenarios.

Cross-platform analytics

Because a single workflow is used across all devices, your analytics are already unified and actionable. There’s no need to lose time and accuracy while aggregating data.

Premium Dolby Audio

Our Uplynk Video Streaming service’s simplified workflow enables you to stream cinematic-like sound for the ultimate visual and audio experience on the latest mobile and connected devices.

Slicer at a glance:

  • Slicer (Content Ingestion): Available in graphical user interface (GUI) and command line versions, the Slicer is manually engaged to kick off the process that will prepare the content for encoding. The Slicer automatically calculates ideal encoding settings to ensure your content looks great on all devices.
  • Slicebot (Automated Ingestion Workflows): As new files are placed into your directory, the Slicebot automatically detects, slices and sends the files to the cloud.
  • Live Slicer: The Live Slicer captures content from a live signal and sends it to the encoder cloud. Content is then published to a live channel.
  • Live Slicer Application Program Interface (API): The Live Slicer API is a set of application program interfaces that can be programmed to mark ads, replace content and manage Live Slicer content.
  • Slicer Monitoring: Slicer Monitoring provides you with vital insights into the health of your Slicers. Its primary purpose is to monitor all Slicers in real-time to help you build confidence in your stream’s reliability.

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