Extend Your Existing Broadcast Systems into Digital Distribution

TRANSLATE integrates and aligns your broadcast and streaming into one, easy-to-manage system.

  • Program Replacement: Automatically replaces all rights-restricted content with cleared, ad-supported programming to retain your viewers.
  • Linear Ad Replacement: Replaces linear commercials with digitally inserted, targeted ads while avoiding rights-restricted content.
  • Customized Software Integration: Collects program and advertising information from various systems and then connects it into a single application program interface (API) language.
ad integration

Why Verizon

Enable the transition to Over-The-Top (OTT) digital distribution without the need for additional headcount or internally built middleware.

What’s Included

  • Program replacement
  • Linear ad replacement
  • Customized software integration

Albert Cheng

EVP & Chief Product Officer, Digital Media


Albert Cheng talks about the evolving TV landscape and how Disney/ABC plans to deliver video in this new world of TV Everywhere. Using Verizon Digital Media Services’ next-generation platform, Disney/ABC will be better prepared for the new consumer reality when it comes to content consumption.

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