Customized Support Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

Designed for customers with business critical support needs. This support level provides all the service offerings associated with our enhanced product support, plus our fastest response and resolution times for critical issues, and personalized service.

Verizon SUPPORT Examples

Live and Linear Event providers that have delivery and performance requirements in specific regions. Any delay or disruption of service needs to be resolved in the fastest time possible and they need access to a team that understands their ecosystem.

Complex websites that have multiple caching requirements that can only be met by programmatic solutions. They may want certain assets to be cached and others to be retrieved from the customer origins.

Any retail provider where speed of delivery of information can impact sales. Any degradation in the delivery could have a negative impact on their brand and hence needs the fastest support level to rectify the problem.

Why Verizon

  • Center of Our Service: We prove it by doing things like having an actual engineer (not a call center agent) respond to any support issues you might have.
  • You Have Control: If by some chance we’re not able to immediately resolve an issue, you get to set its priority based on how your business is impacted.

What’s Included

  • Access to our Tier 1/2/3 Customer Service teams for customized 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring services
  • Access to integrated suite of homegrown and third-party monitoring tools for greater insight and visibility into your performance and availability.
  • Customizable SLAs based on your business needs.


  • 24 x 7 x 365 support
    — 100 percent U.S.-based Tier 1 support
    — Engineers, not call center agents
    — Customer-led priority determination
  • Constant Network Operations Center proactively troubleshooting
    — Monitoring tools at every network level
    — Self-healing algorithms
    — Pre- and post-maintenance tests and ongoing performance benchmarking
  • RSS feeds for customer updates

Ready for great SUPPORT?