Powerful bot mitigation

A solution for accurate web-application protection  

Verizon Digital Media Services’ bot-mitigation solution is integrated into our effective multi-layer defense approach. Its purpose is to defend against advanced, persistent bots that attack, abuse and exploit your web applications, steal content, abuse account credentials and harm your customers.

Our powerful bot-mitigation solution provides you comprehensive protection:

  • Protects your web application by stopping bad bots
  • Secures your APIs against abuse, misuse and user errors
  • Obtains accurate analytics free of bad data generated by bots
  • Creates great user experiences with fast web-application load times
  • Lowers infrastructure cost by eliminating unnecessary bot traffic

Feature highlights

API security

Our API security tracks API clients and monitors acceptable usage, acting as an automatic shield against API hijacking, scraping and abuse.

Challenges and browser validation

We validate that a browser is exactly what it claims to be, and through deep back-end interrogation, make sure that a human is using it, not a bot.

Behavioral modeling and machine learning

Machine-learning algorithms pinpoint behavioral anomalies specific to your site’s unique traffic patterns. We also proactively predict a bot based on correlating dozens of dynamic classifications.

Flexible deployment

Our multiple deployment options don’t require changes to your underlying web infrastructure and won’t impede current or future integrations. 

Edgecast Content Delivery Network

Our highly interconnected global network features massive bandwidth capacity and advanced caching and acceleration strategies. We also embrace best-in-class, open-source technologies and fast-routing IP Anycast technology for powerful, lightning-fast performance that spans the globe.

Physical and virtual applicance

Enjoy premium security out of the box thanks to:
  • Easily install on virtualized or bare metal appliance(s)
  • Seamlessly integrate with CDNs, load balancers and other network infrastructure
  • Automatically obtain new bad-bot fingerprints via a heartbeat up to the cloud

Read our blog to learn more about our bot-mitigation solution in partnership with Distil Networks.

Accurate protection

Our self-optimizing protection blocks 99.9 percent of malicious bots without impacting legitimate users.

White-glove support

Our dedicated team of security analysts fine-tunes your implementation and manages the bot-mitigation program on your behalf.

Inline Hi-Def device fingerprinting

This innovative feature analyzes over 200 attributes of information from each client request.

Device-based rate limiting

Predictive analytics show you how your traffic will be affected when dialing up or down rate limits, such as pages per minute, pages per session and session length. 

Known Violators Database

We protect our customers using both real-time updates from the world’s largest Known Violators Database of bad bot fingerprints, as well as real-time threat intelligence feeds from third-party fraud, spam, malware and proxy lists.

Universal control list

 Save time creating whitelists and blacklists by using our Universal Access Control List.

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Bot mitigation solution overview
Bot mitigation solution overview
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