Cloud security

Multilayered defense for your websites
and mobile applications

We provide comprehensive, PCI-certified security that protects your websites and mobile applications at every level. Leveraging our global cloud-based infrastructure, we offer an advanced dual Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your web applications against attacks, robust DDoS protection to make sure your websites remain always available – added protection for your web servers to defend against direct-to-origin attacks, and built-in DNS protection  with DNSSEC to prevent injection of fraudulent records. Our integrated web security services help keep your websites and mobile apps operating with confidence.

Benefits of our cloud security solution

More powerful global network

Larger is safer. With 57+ Tbps of global network capacity, you’re protected from even the largest DDoS attacks – it’s capacity and protection other providers can’t match.

Comprehensive security from a single source

End the security runaround. Work with a single provider who can cover all your cloud security needs. No need to pull together a disjointed collection of security components that may not work well together.

Business-friendly pricing models

Get value and protection. Our flexible pricing model means you can afford to protect 100% of your online domains without risking the health of your budget. Never leave a single one of your websites or applications unprotected again.

Change made easy

Ready to make a change? We’re ready to help. Trust our solutions engineers to minimize migration times and ensure onboarding is accurate and efficient from day one. They’ll even write the configurations for you, making the transition as effortless as it’s seamless.

Class-leading service and support

You’re not alone. Not only do you get multilayered security, but you also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to our Managed Cloud Security service and its Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC is staffed by our Computer Security Incident Response Team who detect and mitigate attacks 24 x 7 x 365. We never stop watching over you.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

With Application Layer attacks on the rise, we help protect your web applications and user data with an enterprise WAF.

Dual WAF profiles

Get dual protection. We’re the only provider to employ two distinct full-time Web Application Firewalls. This critical feature minimizes false positives by testing your rule changes in audit mode against production traffic while protecting your sites and infrastructure using previously tested rules. You get productivity and protection at the same time.

Highly granular and extensive configurations

Tailor your defenses to specific threat profiles, stopping bad actors while allowing legitimate users access to your website and apps. Comprehensive rulesets cover a wide range of application vulnerabilities, including:

  • SQL Injection (SQLi)
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Remote File Inclusion (RFI)
  • Local File Inclusion (LFI)
  • PHP Object Injection
  • Remote Code Execution (RCE), and many others

Instant change configuration deployment

This won’t take long. Whether you use our portal or our APIs, changes you submit take effect within seconds to ensure maximum protection while minimizing legitimate user impact.

Real-time monitoring

Don’t operate in the dark. Our powerful dashboard gives you visibility over what is happening across your network and allows you to define filters and parameters to your specific needs, so you’ll be immediately be alerted if an attack is identified.

Evolving rulesets

Security is a perpetual game of cat and mouse. Let us help you stay ahead of the next major breach. We proactively protect you by implementing learnings from each attack across our network. Putting what we learn into practice is an added layer of protection for your websites and mobile apps.

Learn more about our WAF’s capabilities and how we are empowering our customers with WAF APIs.

DDoS protection

We provide built-in, always-on, cloud-based protection, featuring intelligent, real-time monitoring algorithms, to identify and mitigate malicious distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.

Layers 3,4,7 DDoS protection

Keep the bad out. Let the good in. Advanced application layer DDoS protection isolates attackers based on multiple attack vectors, such as hostname, IP address and frequency per second. Triple-layer DDoS protection enables us to tailor defenses to specific threat profiles, stopping bad actors while allowing legitimate users access to your website and apps.

DDoS protection closest to the attacker

Global protection against global threats. Thanks to our 125+ PoPs with advanced HTTP Rate Limiting located around the world, we’re able to secure your websites against DDoS attacks where they happen, well before they can impact your infrastructure; ensuring your business remains online and available to your users.

Always-on and automatic protection

Real-time monitoring and automatic mitigation systems keep your websites up, your customers happy and your company profitable. Less work for you. More protection for your customers.

Origin protection

Verizon’s DDoS Shield can protect your origin infrastructure if an attack bypasses our Web Application Firewall by targeting your infrastructure directly by IP address. It’s an extra layer of protection to ensure your websites and apps always remain live.   

Hassle-free speed and security

Advanced management and reporting tools help optimize your website for speed and security.

Learn more about our DDoS protection offering.

Fast, secure, reliable Domain Name System (DNS)

Integrated into our world-class content delivery network, our DNS service ensures that users can reach your website quickly and reliably.

Global network and scale

Our DNS is available across the globe. Built entirely on IP Anycast technology, it allows you to resolve DNS queries with the highest reliability.

Ensure your website can always be found

We’ve built one of the world’s largest and most robust DNS services with multiple redundancy and failovers. This ensures that we provide you with always-available DNS so that users can always reach your website.

Boost web application performance

DNS is frequently used in web applications when making calls to services, such as databases and external storage. Our DNS helps reduce the time it takes to resolve such calls and improve the performance of your web applications.

Learn more about our DNS offering.

TLS encryption

We accelerate your content across a fast TLS (Transport Layer Security) connection to protect your data without losing performance.

HTTPS support

We use TLS certificates to create secure HTTP connections so that your data can be sent securely across the web.

OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol)

We support OCSP Stapling to enhance security while maintaining fast performance.

Encryption from customer origin to our gateway using TLS

We protect the data being transferred between your origin and our CDN. Read our blog to learn more about how we make the web safer by running TLS with our CDN.

Token-based authentication

We can grant or deny access to your content by preventing unauthorized users and websites from linking to your content or levering your bandwidth.

Advanced bot mitigation

Verizon Digital Media Services’ bot-mitigation solution is integrated into our effective multi-layer defense approach. Its purpose is to defend against advanced, persistent bots that attack, abuse and exploit your web applications, steal content, abuse account credentials and harm your customers.

Our powerful bot-mitigation solution provides you comprehensive protection:

  • Protects your web application by stopping bad bots
  • Secures your APIs against abuse, misuse and user errors
  • Obtains accurate analytics free of bad data generated by bots
  • Creates great user experiences with fast web-application load times
  • Lowers infrastructure cost by eliminating unnecessary bot traffic

Managed Cloud Security

We take a holistic approach to protecting your websites and mobile apps. In addition to our cloud-based security technologies, we offer additional protection through our Managed Cloud Security (MCS) service. This industry-leading program consists of expert security professionals, advanced technologies and services dedicated to protecting your business against an evolving threat landscape. You focus on growing your business. Let us focus on protecting it.

Cloud Security Advisory

Get ongoing, highly personal protection against the evolving threat landscape to maintain your application’s availability and uptime. Our Cloud Security Advisory service provides a security architect who will work with you on an ongoing basis to help ensure your WAF is tuned and always updated to protect against the latest threats. Services performed by a certified Security Solution Architect include rule review, tuning, implementation, report generation and training as well as the creation of custom rules upon request.

Computer Security Incident Response Team

Hackers and malicious actors have teams attacking your websites, shouldn’t you have a dedicated team defending against them? This dedicated group of security professionals will monitor and alert you to anomalies and potential misuse of your websites and mobile applications to ensure that they are being visited by legitimate users. Because you can never be too secure.

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Industry-leading Managed Cloud Security

We’ve got you covered. Our industry-leading Managed Cloud Security service (MCS) consists of expert security professionals and services dedicated to protecting your business. Beyond botnet mitigation and defending against automated threats, MCS provides strategic consultancy services and guidance through the Cloud Security Advisory service and Computer Security Incident Response Team to ensure your websites and mobile apps are always protected.

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Cloud Security Solution overview
Cloud Security Solution overview
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Managed Cloud Security Services fact sheet
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Cloud Security Advisory
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Domain Name System (DNS) fact sheet
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DDoS protection fact sheet
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Bot mitigation solution overview
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Securing your website with WAF white paper

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How to prepare for the worst cyber attacks

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