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Media production and distribution workflows have traditionally developed in silos. These systems have become more complex, especially as audiences shift to streaming media platforms, resulting in challenges with coordinating and deciphering what’s happening in your content business. To overcome this legacy, we have created a single, streamlined platform to optimize production and distribution workflows, assets and metadata for streaming media. This Content Intelligence System is also known as our Verizon Media Xperience Studio service.

The advantages of content intelligence through our Media Xperience Studio service

  • Combines the end-to-end components, processes and analytics for media production, approvals, content planning, preparation and packaging, distribution and monetization of digital content
  • Presents business-critical information along every step of the content life cycle, from production to preparation through to content merchandising and monetization
  • Builds the complete picture of who your audience is, what they are watching, and how they interact with your content and branded apps


Build your strategy with content intelligence
Eliminate the guesswork with the insights you need to drive your content business decisions. Our Media Xperience Studio service highlights viewer engagement trends, as early as the production phase, so you can make informed decisions on your content and marketing strategy by combining data and filtering out the noise.
Build a profitable content business
Ensure you are on a path to success with streamlined content supply chain management and distribution workflows that lead to content intelligence. Our service works at internet speed to market to the right audience and capitalize on the value of your content’s popularity, or to push more eyeballs to less familiar content.
Reach all your viewers
Easily create attractive apps for phone, tablet and streaming devices that can be easily updated without the typical development, integration and testing burdens. Our Media Xperience Studio service offers highly personalized configuration options with app SDKs. That means no code changes and no app deployments, just instant updates across all your apps and players.
Communicate and collaborate across teams
Manage your complete content life cycle with one centralized platform for all your stakeholders, from content producers, to marketing and social media teams, to the technology team running your apps.

Media Xperience Studio service modules

MX: Orchestration

Simplified, automated and informed production workflows

A traditional approach to content supply chain management and workflow systems isn’t designed for the new online streaming media opportunity. MX:Orchestration optimizes media logistics and workflows that are tailored to your different distribution platforms. It allows you to engage your audience as early on as the production phase. With this new intelligence, improved content strategies can be developed to maximize engagement with your core audiences across your branded apps and partner websites by quickly repurposing and repackaging your content. 

Key features

  • Futureproof workflows: Implement agile video workflows that focus your reach on streaming video platforms, like OTT/TVE apps and social media
  • Simplified publishing: Remove complexity by automating distribution and syndication workflows to all your platforms
  • Content source of truth: Manage your master media records of all assets, metadata and their derivatives in one single cloud-based system
  • Content preparation for production: Create content to meet consumer demand with intelligent content planning tools for workflow automation and efficiencies

MX: Apps

Smarter, customized viewer experiences

Your online viewers are watching on many screens, from their mobiles to their smart TVs, so an antiquated TV guide won’t work. Engagement with your viewers begins from the moment they open your app or go to your webpage. Your apps need to enable your audience to quickly find the content they want to immerse themselves in and keep them coming back. But, how can you reach hundreds of different devices with a customized video app? And how can you learn from your viewers’ engagement?

The quality, simplicity and scale delivered by our Uplynk Video Streaming service are carried through to MX:Apps. It gives you a proven way to design a rich, dynamic user experience that fully supports all the leading connected devices like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS and Android and leading web browsers. MX:Apps makes it easy to design, build, and publish apps across all your devices without coding, integration and testing delays.

Unlike traditional TV, online video streaming gives you the opportunity to get direct feedback from your viewers, in real-time and on an individual level. MX:Apps, combined with our analytics technology, gives you unprecedented insights about your viewers’ engagement to help you really grow your OTT video business. As advertising is a key revenue source, MX:Apps supports leading advertising systems.

Key features

  • One-stop shop: Reach all leading streaming video devices with our comprehensive tools that enable you to design, develop and manage all your branded video apps
  • Dynamic user experience: Engage your audiences with world-class app designs and navigation that can be customized with our tools
  • Insights included: Build a profitable video business with real-time data about viewer acquisition, interest, intent and quality of experience across every screen
  • Advertising awareness: Monitor and report how many ad clicks, views and revenue your content is attracting

MX: Subscriptions

Flexible, secure and profitable OTT services

Having amazing content, a stylish app and high-quality video is a given. Now you need MX:Subscriptions to merchandize your content with subscription offers and packages that suit your target audience’s viewing habits. Once you have signed up your viewers, you can easily give them secure, controlled access across all their streaming devices. MX:Subscriptions makes the billing, payments and reporting easy so you can concentrate on producing the best premium content.  

Key features

  • Flexible management of offers and packaging: Business models (trials, subscriptions, season passes, and pay-per-view events) to support on-demand (SVOD, TVOD) and live services
  • User management: Achieve frictionless user identification and authentication across your platforms
  • Granular access control: Manage access rights, entitlements and availability to content on a per-user level
  • Comprehensive billing and payment: Maximize revenues with wide billing options for domestic and international markets

MX: Syndication

Unlock content syndication to social media and third-party operators

You may derive a large part of your revenue from content published on your own websites and apps, but leveraging the power of social networks and other content portals for promotion, distribution and monetization is essential. The new generation of content owners are using video clips, teasers and trailers to generate interest and drive traffic back to their own content destinations. The integrated monetization engine opens up the opportunity for partner advertising revenues too.

MX:Syndication is designed for your modern, content-driven organization that will benefit from a single, centralized repository of content and metadata to quickly repurpose content into trailers, teasers and clips that can be syndicated to drive interest and traffic back to your own content destinations.

Key features

  • Easy clip and share: Create highlights and shorter clips quickly from live streams or on-demand assets
  • Integrated social media distribution: Publish directly to social media apps like Facebook and Twitter
  • Third-party publishing: Create customer players and feeds that can be syndicated to partner websites and apps
  • Automated publishing to content partners: Distribute your content assets to SVOD and TVOD destinations, such as Hulu, iTunes, YouTube and set-top boxes complete with appropriate formats and metadata
  • Discovery tools: Prepare your content catalog for SEO and aggregation applications
  • Integrated monetization: Utilize pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll advertising in your players and feeds, powered by AOL

MX: Personalization

Content and advertising that knows your viewers’ preferences

A proven way to keep your viewers engaged is to continually introduce them to new, relevant content that matches their viewing habits. In a world where viewers are overwhelmed by choices, a service that quickly surfaces new content is sure to keep them engaged for longer and your revenue growing.

Unlike legacy systems that lock your valuable information in silos, MX:Personalization is built on a single, centralized repository of your content and metadata to ensure essential downstream systems facilitate content discovery and ad placement. The goal is to keep your viewers engaged by ensuring the best content and advertising matches are presented at every opportunity.

Key features

  • Content discovery and recommendations: Present the most relevant content and viewing experiences so your viewers can avoid browsing the catalog endlessly
  • Enhanced search: Provide enriched metadata and recommendations in your results to go beyond basic search
  • Targeted content and ads: Ensure that all aspects of content presentation, including your ads and promotional content, are relevant to your viewers

MX: Programming

Bridge the worlds of traditional and online television

Traditional pay-TV now has to co-exist with online streaming channels. Yet, viewers’ desire for a lean-back experience, where they turn on their TV and “tune out”, applies to both worlds. Yesterday’s TV program guide and marathon viewing equates to today’s binge-watching sessions.

Extending the world of traditional television to your online streaming apps and websites requires you to translate your program schedule, ad breaks and content lineup from your broadcast systems to your OTT or TV Everywhere apps. MX:Programming gives you the flexibility to bring broadcast systems online without expensive duplication of systems, and also leverage the promise of personalization and targeting. MX:Programming also keeps your extensive business agreements, content rights and policies intact so they can still be enforced in the online world through well-planned content scheduling and availability windowing.

Key features

  • Content replacement and blackouts: Find alternative programming to enforce all content rights and agreements based on geography or content windowing
  • Content scheduling and windowing: Ensure your online video service adheres to your content contractual rights and entitlements
  • Business rules management: Implement policy restrictions based on entitlements, device types or viewer accounts
  • Virtual linear channels: Generate dynamically linear channels based on personalization (viewer preference and content consumption habits)

MX: Vision

Extensive data sets, unprecedented business insights

With MX:Vision, you remove the guesswork about your OTT service. It collects comprehensive audience metrics so you can build a profitable video business with data about viewer acquisition, interest and intent across every screen and partner website. Our powerful, yet simple data model enables you to monitor viewer engagement and measure lifetime value.

MX:Vision makes sense of extensive video business data from content metadata, to audience engagement data, and viewer quality of experience data to easily derive insights.

Key features

  • Simple data model: Flexible database built to scale to millions of users  
  • Comprehensive audience metrics: Build a profitable video business with data about viewer acquisition, interest and intent across every screen
  • Deep app insights: Monitor how your viewers enjoy your branded apps’ design and performance
  • No coding required: Pre-integrated analytics solutions ensure there’s no development work needed to get the full benefit of MX:Vision’s insights

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Media Xperience Studio overview
Media Xperience Studio overview

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