Control — As Simple or as Complex as You Need It

COMPUTE is built on a rule based content delivery engine that offers granular control over how and when your content is served. You get easy access to an enormous amount of important datasets at the edge, including:

  • Location data
  • Mobile device detection and attribution
  • Cookie manipulation
  • URL strings
  • Query parameters

You can adapt any component of an incoming HTTP request and the HTTP response — including URL (method/host/path/file/querystring) and headers (cookies, time-to-live [TTLs], response code, etc.). And your updates are propagated quickly and efficiently.

COMPUTE supports Lua scripting, so the possibilities are only constrained by imagination.

lua scripting workflow

Why Verizon

  • Visibility: There’s no “black box” here. COMPUTE lets you see exactly how your business rules are being configured, right from a web console.
  • Flexibility: You can make things as simple or as complex as your business needs dictate and even manage configurations/rules yourself through our web portal. And Lua scripting support lets you do even more.
  • Precision: Get control over your content delivery and easily create custom rules that specify exactly how edge servers cache and deliver.
    • Slash bandwidth costs by specifying “origin pull” update intervals for each URL or object.
    • Reduce load on your origin servers by offloading your existing business rules to our processing engine.
    • Improve content security by blocking hotlinking and other in-line leeching of your content.
  • Agility: The staging environment allows for simplified creation and testing of rules without modifying your production configuration. Changes are pushed and propagated to production quickly and without hassle.

What’s Included

  • Basic rules: URL control, request and response headers and the ability to modify site content at a granular level
  • Advanced rules: The use of regular expressions at the edge
  • Unparalleled flexibility: Creativity with Lua scripting
  • Geo-location rules: Access to country, city, state/province, ZIP/postal, designated marketing area (DMA) and other geographical data
  • Mobile device detection rules: Control at the edge for device enablement that includes manufacturer, browser, operating system (OS) version and screen resolution
  • Staging environment: The ability to create and test rules before going live
  • Edge Verify: Flags rules that create problems for your account
  • World-class update propagation

Jake McGraw

Director of Technical Operations, REFINERY 29

Refinery29 is a global new media brand for smart, creative, stylish women everywhere. The company aims to deliver great digital experiences to these women. Verizon’s platform makes sure this experience is delivered on all devices. As more women gravitate toward viewing Refinery29’s content online, Verizon is there every step of the way.

Need to COMPUTE how your content is being served?