CDN Analytics and Reporting for 360-Degree Visibility into Content Performance and User Experience

ANALYZE delivers a wealth of relevant information about server performance, user demographics, bandwidth utilization and user experience.

The EC360 Analytics Suite includes Core Reporting, Advanced Content Analytics, Real-Time Stats, Edge Performance Analytics and Custom Reports.

Real-Time Log Delivery:

Receive raw logs in less than 60 seconds behind the edge request to the endpoint of your choice ­– 500% faster than the competition. Real-Time Log Delivery is a feature built-in to our Edgecast CDN that streams raw logs to an endpoint of your choice in near real time, which enables you to make better decisions faster that benefit your users. The advantages of Real-Time Log Delivery include:
— Easy startup: Takes less than 10 minutes to configure
— Broad compatibility: Works with Amazon S3 and configurable to use with any analytics tool you currently use
— Better control: Filter log fields to capture only what you want
— Easy, safe access: Data is delivered in JSON and kept secure by transporting over HTTPS/TLS
— Significant value: Pay as you go with no minimum fee or setup costs

Core Reports:

A variety of basic reports help you view usage patterns and improve how our Content Delivery Network (CDN) serves assets to your clients. These reports are available from the Core Reports page of the Reports tab in the Media Control Center (MCC) where you can view reports on traffic, bandwidth, hits and CDN storage space. Check on everything from cache statistics to delivery speeds all in one place.

Advanced CDN Analytics:

Provides statistical information on CDN activity, with a deeper look into where your content is being requested and what happens after it gets requested. This helps you identify and analyze CDN usage patterns.

Real-Time Statistics:

Reports the performance of our CDN when delivering content to your users. When viewing real-time statistics, you can choose to view a statistical overview for all platforms or get more detailed information on a particular platform.

Edge Performance Analytics:

Get granular information on the amount of traffic and bandwidth for the HTTP Large and HTTP Small platforms. This information can then be used to generate trending statistics, which allow you to gain insight on how your assets are being cached and delivered to your users. From there, you can form better practice strategies that improve delivery performance and reduce costs.

Custom Reports:

Allows you to request specific data collection. Our edge servers then keep track of the number of hits and the amount of data transferred for all requests that match the specified request criteria. Mobile benefits include:
— Mobile app enables easy access to network insights anytime, anywhere
— Secure login for each individual CDN account holder
— Real-time cross-platform data on bandwidth, connection, caching, streaming and application acceleration
— Top five real-time streams

The screen images below represent a few Verizon Analytics tools that your business can use to monitor your content performance.

Traffic Summary Screenshot
Core Reports provide a visual snapshot of your data in the form of a comparison chart or a composition graph and includes: user definable reporting periods, 95 percent bandwidth, hits and data transferred for each platform and protocol.
Advanced Reports World Map Screenshot
Advanced Reports are viewed per platform and provide hits and data transferred by a number of dimensions, including: country, state, top cities, top countries, top files, top file types, directory, browser, referrer and error details.
Core Reports Dashboard Screenshot
Edge Performance Analytics Reports are viewed per platform and provide metrics grouped by a number of different dimensions. Metrics include: hits, average bytes out, total bytes out, average bytes in, total bytes in, average bytes remote, total bytes remote, transfer rate and duration. There are 33 dimensions, including daily summary, hourly summary, protocol, HTTP methods, URL, CNAME, POP, IP address, cache status, file type and HTTP response code.

Why Verizon

  • Statistics available through Application Program Interfaces (APIs), including extended reporting on sub-customer information.
  • Back-office software as a service (SaaS) solutions for event and anomaly detection and reporting. Real-time reporting via API and portal for customer and system activity.

What’s Included

  • Core reporting: Basic reports to help you view usage patterns and improve how our platform serves assets and content to your customers.

Additional Services

  • Advanced analytics: Reports that provide statistical information on CDN activity.
  • Real-time stats: Real-time data about the performance of our CDN when delivering content to your customers.
  • Edge performance: Information on the amount of traffic and bandwidth for the HTTP Large and HTTP Small platforms.
  • Custom reports: Customized requests for which data will be collected.

Need to ANALYZE your content’s performance?