The easiest path to server-side dynamic ad insertion

Engage your audience with high-quality experiences across all devices. ADVERTISE offers the easiest, most cost-effective way to stream video, utilizing the ad server of your choice.

  • Server-Side Ad Insertion: A TV-like user experience, without buffering.
  • Dynamic/Targeted Ad Insertion: Unique and targeted ads through live, linear and Video on Demand (VOD).
  • Multi-Platform Scalability: Ads that automatically work on any platform.
  • Live Ad insertion for Live and VOD: Flexible ads that work the same for both live and on demand, with the ability to even replace live ads with fresh ones.

The traditional approach

The traditional approach for integration is costly to build and maintain and often provides a poor experience for viewers.

multiple platforms

Typical ad server integration relies on hand-written code to request the targeting, slicing and reporting of ads, which would require developers to write new code on every platform streaming video.
Coding across platforms is expensive and complex, which can result in more failure and troubleshooting when something goes wrong.
Poor viewer experience
And when ad insertion goes wrong, the viewing experience is anything but optimal. Viewers may see a drop in quality with each adaptive video ad, and there’s often delay while the client communicates with the server.

The Verizon approach

vdms advertise

Why Verizon

Ad integration, insertion and analytics happen at the server instead of the client — providing a better viewer experience across all platforms and reducing cost and complexity for both live and on-demand streaming. It also requires no development efforts on your part.

Key benefits include:

  • Audio Normalization: Adjusted content and ads to be at the same peak output audio level.
  • Reduced Costs: Significant reduction in encoding and storage costs.
  • Ad Break Management: Simplified process to insert ad breaks into content.
  • Ad Servers: Easily integrated with any VAST standard ad server.
  • High-Definition (HD) Support: Supports HD or standard definition.

What’s Included

  • Server-side ad insertion
  • Dynamic and targeted ads
  • Multi-platform scalability
  • Ad insertion for live and VOD
  • Consistent ad tracking and reporting

More from Verizon

Ken Brueck

Product Manager, Verizon Digital Media Services

Server-side ad insertion has many benefits over a client-side approach, including improved user experience and higher completion rates for advertisers. Ken Brueck, Product Manager for Verizon ADVERTISE, walks through the technical and business challenges solved by using a server-side approach.

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