The smarter platform

Our end-to-end platform is the industry’s only solution for content providers that can prepare, deliver, display and monetize your online content for flawless performance anytime, anywhere and on every device.

Three end-to-end services to help you get to OTT faster

Video Service

Uplynk Video Streaming

Our Uplynk Video Streaming service is the simplest way to adaptively stream quality linear, live and on-demand video to every device that scale to audiences worldwide.

CDN Service

Edgecast CDN

Our Edgecast Content Delivery Network delivers better digital performance across all devices worldwide and offers a service delivery model that bolsters agility, autonomy and visibility.

Quality Service

Volicon Media Intelligence

Enterprise grade media intelligence solutions for broadcasters, networks, cable and IPTV operators, and governments worldwide.

So that you can reach every viewer, everywhere, every time

As the number of devices continues to grow along with viewer demands for more online content, it becomes more challenging to capture value from each and every viewer.

60+ minutes more!

According to Nielsen’s Q1 2016 Total Audience Report, the average American adult watches 63 minutes more media every day than they did just one year before, across every device.

Only a smarter video platform can help you
make every viewer count so that you can:

Increase ad viewing completions
Increase ad viewing completions
Simplify the way your ads are consumed with our server-side ad insertion technology
Grow your subscriber base
Grow your subscriber base
Deliver TV-like quality to every viewer on every screen
Attract and retain viewers
Attract and retain viewers
Get smarter about what your viewers want with personalized online content and ad experiences with our cutting-edge 1 to 1 session management capability

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