Peering with Us

Not only have we placed our Super PoPs inside the very data centers where the major backbone and last-mile providers peer with each other, we have also established direct interconnection (peering) arrangements with many of the major eyeball networks, which means we avoid multiple “hops” to reach the consumer with your amazing content. This approach — physically placing our caching servers at the carrier interconnection points, while peering with those same carriers — means we can offer high-speed, high-performance delivery services to even the most remote geographies.

We want our customers to enjoy an exceptional web experience, which is why we carefully choose where we put our servers, how many and which data centers we work with. We’re also purposeful in the kinds of business relationships we cultivate with our Internet Service Provider partners. Having the right interconnections ensures that we offer the best web performance to our customers. We’ve therefore taken the following three approaches when it comes to peering and interconnections:

Public Peering

We participate at public Internet Exchanges (IXs) all across the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Australia. Our ability to peer with other carriers and networks, small and large, boosts the performance of our customers’ websites and digital content delivery and acceleration. We have a completely open peering policy and set up public peering in as many IXs as possible with each network, which gives us diversity and disaster recovery options so our customers don’t get impacted by outages outside of our control. We also establish public peering with larger networks that we have private peering with as a backup option (just in case). All of our locations are listed at, and we would be happy to set up public peering with any network. Just email us at to get started.

Private Peering

Verizon Digital Media Services will establish private peering interconnections with eyeball networks that request our customers’ digital content at dozens of locations around the world. If an important network is not physically located where our Super PoPs are, we will fix that by either embedding our equipment in their premises or meeting that at an internet handoff location to improve quality for our customers. Private peering is a very reliable and secure way of delivering our customers’ content to the users on various networks, and likewise improves the network’s cost efficiency when dealing with large amounts of traffic as they can take our traffic in the most efficient and direct manner. Again, Verizon Digital Media Services has an open peering policy that applies to private peering, and we are happy to fulfill any request for peering with a quick email to or

Bilateral Interconnect Agreement

This interconnection agreement is used for networks that exchange traffic with Verizon and Verizon Digital Media Services on a larger scale, and is put in place to ensure both networks prevent congestion on interconnection links by augmenting capacity ahead of congestion at set intervals based on growth rates and forecasts. This ensures the highest level of performance and quality for our customers and the network that we are connecting with. We have in-depth planning meetings with these partner networks to ensure we are connecting to each other in the right places and in the right manners, focusing on quality. Again this is open to any network in the world and run by our Carrier Relations team reachable at