About the Verizon Media Platform

From content to experience. We’re changing the way the world watches.

The way the world watches and consumes media is drastically changing. Thanks to the internet, users can watch their favorite digital media 24 x 7 on every screen. Our Media Platform enables you to take charge of this TV Everywhere evolution. We take your digital content and turn it into instantly gratifying experiences your viewers can watch the world over. Learn more about us.

Media Platform

Our integrated Media Platform helps you meet the ever-growing expectations of your business.



  • Superior performance
  • Global reach
  • Powerful security
  • Scalability


How our platform benefits you and your users.

Our Media Platform helps you reduce the challenges and pressures of meeting today’s user expectations of instantaneous, always-on, seamless, and secure digital experiences. It enables you to find success with your digital strategies and overall business model. You focus on your core business while we take care of infrastructure and workflow challenges.

Verizon Media’s integrated platform unites innovation with peace of mind. Enjoy the advantages of our advanced network capabilities:

  • Scale: One of the largest, most reliable content delivery networks at your service.
  • Speed: Blazing-fast websites for an instant-on experience—always.
  • Monetization: Advanced advertising capabilities to effectively reach your mobile users.
  • Security: Reliable and safe software, processes and practices.
  • Quality: The highest-quality experience for your users for any media on any screen.

Our history

In 2013, Verizon acquired two renowned technology companies to start changing the way the world experiences media. By integrating EdgeCast’s content delivery network (CDN) with upLynk’s patent-pending video encoding technology, we created an integrated platform built on top of one of the world’s largest existing networks. Our evolved platform streamlines the process of encoding and delivering video, plus accelerates websites and content for broadcasters, retailers, and enterprises. Now, viewers can enjoy media on every screen, everywhere.


of the internet is powered by us


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