Millenials’ TV watching habits online

Millennials are shaping the future of TV.

The next generation of viewers are here, and they are consuming content on all types of devices. Whether it’s directly on their mobile phones or streaming to their connected TVs, millennials prefer watching online because it gives them the flexibility to control their schedule. It’s about watching what they want, when they want it and only paying for the content that interests them.

Millennials consume more online video than any other audience. So, if you are not yet delivering online video, then why not launch your over-the-top service (OTT) today? And if you are already delivering online video, how well does your OTT service stand out from the competition? Are you delivering what they want, where they want it?

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Millennials talk about why they prefer to watch online video over traditional TV.

How millennials watch TV

Appealing to millennials’ viewing preferences.

As a content owner, you have a huge opportunity to appeal to millennials – the biggest influencing audience that exists online. But first, your over-the-top service must meet the following expectations:

  • Are you delivering content to every device and platform that exists?
  • Are your online experiences seamless, flawless and TV-like?
  • Are you providing millennial-centric content like sports and subscription video-on-demand originals?
  • Are you using targeted, personalized ads to monetize your content?
  • Are you experimenting with subscription packages and flexible pricing that appeal to millennials?

Broadcasters at NAB explain how millennials are affecting the way they do business.

Stealing the show among millennials

Launching a millennial-centric OTT service.

After starting your online video service, the next step is to differentiate your offerings from everyone else quickly, effectively and efficiently. You’ll need to consider how you approach content types, user experience and business models — all of which can be addressed when you have Verizon as a partner and the industry’s only end-to-end online video solution.

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Industry analyst shares how to overcome the challenges involved with launching and running an OTT service.

Industry expert dives into how his OTT service adapts to suit evolving millennial demands.

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