Server-side Ad InsertionDigital Rights Management (DRM)Content TargetingTime ControlStream Routing

Manifest technology architected for every viewer that hits “play.”

Smartplay delivers highly personalized sessions by generating unique manifests for each viewer and dynamically manipulating live events, and linear channel manifests with capabilities for Stream Routing (multi-CDN switching), server-side ad insertion, digital rights management, content targeting, and Time Control. The result is an ultra-personalized, TV-like quality experience.

Server-side Ad Insertion

Smartplay features dynamic ad insertion, bringing together the best of what TV and OTT have to offer. You deliver TV-like quality in OTT experiences with ads personalized to every viewer.

Our server-side technology encodes content and ads into a unified stream, guaranteeing TV-like quality while eliminating latency associated with fetching ads during breaks. Our singular stream avoids ad blockers, allowing you to reach more viewers and maximize monetization opportunities.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Digital Rights Management (DRM) capabilities are seamlessly integrated within our streaming platform, protecting your VOD, live, and linear video with a simple check of a box. Our DRM solution supports HLS and DASH with PlayReady, Widevine, and FairPlay, so your content is limited to authorized viewers.

Content Targeting

Smartplay makes it easier than ever to exert holistic control over content distribution. Our session servers instantaneously connect with every viewer that hits “play,” verifying them against infinite rule combinations, so you are certain that content is approved for delivery to each person.

Define custom rulesets quickly, from the simple to the complex, and let Smartplay deliver against your instructions.

Time Control

Smartplay delivers your content at impressive low latency, often 40% closer to real time. Viewers feel more engaged during live events, which helps build loyalty to your brand. Smartplay also offers a host of time-based controls, such as catch-up TV services, time zone shifting, and the ability to segment content within each session without changing your workflow or managing different use cases.

Stream Routing

An advanced strategy for worldwide streaming, Stream Routing diversifies delivery options—adding capacity when and where you need it—to ensure your content is available in times of super-peak traffic.

Whether streams are broadcast live or VOD, Stream Routing enables faster startup times and reduces rebuffering to provide the best and most consistent viewing experience possible.

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