Metadata Enrichment Powered by Azure Media IndexerVideo Player Powered by THEOplayerRecommendations Powered by Iris.TV

Teamwork makes the stream work.

Our cloud platform is fully extendable, enabling seamless integrations with some of the world’s most innovative companies. Partnerships with Microsoft Azure, THEOplayer, and IRIS.TV add advanced features to your technology stack while maintaining the simplicity and ease of your workflow.

Metadata Enrichment Powered by Azure Media Indexer

Advanced A.I. from Microsoft Azure extracts valuable insights from the visual and speech metadata of your videos. The cutting-edge technology taps face, object, scene, and activity detection to power new forms of content discovery. Enrich the metadata for your video content and apps through simple APIs, without altering the underlying infrastructure.

Video Player Powered by THEOplayer

Provide a unified experience on all of your viewers’ screens with an award-winning video player from THEOplayer. The feature-rich HTML5 player delivers a unified user experience across all platforms and devices, along with the best performance and capabilities of the native video player.

Our unique Smartplay one-to-one session management is fully supported by THEOplayer to deliver low-latency, personalized video streams, complete with SSAI support and DRM for monetization across all devices. Integration with our streaming playback APIs improves ad performance and the viewing experience, helping you overcome the challenges of live event streaming.

Recommendations Powered by IRIS.TV

Our IRIS.TV integration uses the power of A.I. to surface your most valuable video content and create personalized streams. The software generates unique insights based on audience behavior and uses them to serve up more relevant content. You build and retain viewers while boosting engagement and revenues, without a need for manual input.

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