NetworkSecureQUIC EnabledStream Routing

Deliver the best content, every time.

Superior content delivery starts with lightning-quick performance and always-on availability, but our platform brings even more to the table. Stringent security measures protect your online data and assets, while our flexible configurations help you cater experiences to your viewers’ desires.


Backed by massive computing power, IP Anycast routing, and Layer 7 load balancing, our network delivers lightning-fast performance around the globe. Intelligent architecture reduces latency and serves more assets from cache, resulting in a 95% cache-hit ratio. We leverage huge bandwidth—and a strategy of concentrating capacity at key PoPs—to achieve a superior server-to-delivery ratio while maintaining an optimal viewing experience, even during huge traffic spikes.


The Verizon Media Platform defends against attackers and botnets that feast on the inherent vulnerabilities of video streams. Authentications, subscription payments, and other video transactions are common hacking targets.

Our platform protects your business with several layers of security, including a Web Application Firewall (WAF), rate limiting measures, DDoS protection, bot management, and encryption solutions.

QUIC enabled

Reduce web page load times and improve streaming experiences with Quick UDP Internet Connections (QUIC) on the Verizon Media Platform. QUIC is a progressive video protocol that maximizes website performance, enhances security, and uses intelligent load balancing to ensure faster delivery for every request. Users connecting via QUIC report 30% fewer rebuffers.

Smartplay Stream Routing

An advanced strategy for worldwide streaming, Stream Routing diversifies delivery options—adding capacity when and where you need it—to ensure your content is available in times of super-peak traffic.

Whether streams are broadcast live or VOD, Stream Routing enables faster startup times and reduces rebuffering to provide the best and most consistent viewing experience possible.

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